Sunday, June 24, 2007

Not So Fast Link to London

Shadow Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling, will be visiting Ramsgate Railway Station on Monday, to review plans the proposed fast rail link to London.

Chris will be joining Thanet South's Laura Sandys, The Leader of the Council Cllr. Sandy Ezekiel and Cllr. Roger Latchford, Deputy Leader of the Council, to hear concerns over delays to its implementation and the costs of the service.

“There has", says Laura, "been a lot of Government hype about the fast rail link to London from Ramsgate, not least by the local Transport Minister who has twice announced that the train would take just over an hour.”

“Unfortunately" she adds, "the hype has not been followed through. The people of Thanet are very disappointed that the train will now take at its fastest 84 minutes and at peak times will cost 35% more than today, which could cost over £12,000 a year.”

Chris Grayling will discuss the Conservative’s Railway position which criticises the Government for squeezing the fare payer through demanding high premiums from the Train Operating Companies and the Government’s failure to get extra capacity into the network over the last ten years.

“We know", sais Laura, "that Thanet needs fast communications to London to regenerate the area. This Government has not delivered. However we will campaign for the schedules to be reviewed, the pricing to be lowered and the journey time reduced.”

Key Facts:

Journey Times:

• Ramsgate to London – only 35 minutes less – therefore one hour 25 minutes
• Margate to London – a reduction of only 11 minutes – not exactly a step change

Spiralling Costs:

•There will be a 35% increase in peak period fares – this would mean over £50 per day return from Ramsgate – a total of £12,500 over 50 weeks.


tony flaig bignews said...
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tony flaig bignews said...

Hope Dreamland developers have taken note of this since its part of their case for redeveloping dreamland site.

As I thought, this has been hyped up a bit.

11:38 PM

Mark Hewins said...

The peak day return fare from Margate is already £42. That is totally stifling the town, as it stands at a level too expensive to travel at that time.

However, the cheap day return (from 10.00 am for some reason not 9.30 am like everywhere else) is still £16 - expensive but affordable-ish...

Anonymous said...

anon again!

If it's a High Speed Link, and it takes longer for the same journey than todays trains, and the old steamers, there is some Trade Descriptions folly going on!

I think the via Manston is a brilliant idea, because sometimes it takes me one & a half hours to get to Ramsgate via WC, and Manston never much longer than 5 minutes. Maybe the TDC should ask Network Rail for cost binding estimate.

Tom King said...

I would be interested to know which London station this high speed service will run from and ALL the stations it will stop at.
Regarding another station now WESTGATE ON SEA -why is this listed station left to rot? why is it the only station on the London -Victoria line to be exempt from a coat of paint ,graffiti removal and general cleaning? the ticket office now closes at 11 00am,the filth accumalates on the platform until it gets an ocassional sweep and yet tax payers money is constantly piled into the rail companies responsible for providing this service!!? Its time this beautifil station was restored.

Anonymous said...

The figure of £12000 makes a good headline - which seems to be all Laura Sandys is interested in - but it is inaccurate.

Anyone travelling from Ramsgate to London every day would buy an annual season ticket. They would not buy a ticket each day - that's nonsense. The £12000 figure is therefore entirely artificial.

An annual ticket between Ramsgate and London costs £3204 currently. A 35% increase would put the cost up to £4325. Still a lot of money, yes, but not the inflated figure Sandys is using purely for poltical purposes.

DrMoores said...

Perhaps a collective approach to SE trains might be in order? Let's talk about it later!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could ask Laura Sandy why in another interview the rumour of why she stated that no high speed trains will be starting from Ramsgate maybe she should come and see the new buildings that have gone up to house the new trains also 12000 for a season ticket how was that figure plucked out of the air a season ticket is dear but still works out cheaper than buying a return everyday and who split the whole network up then jumped on the band wagon of becoming share holders, chairmen of all these different sections (tories)......;

Anonymous said...

And who then stole the railway back from those countless little people who had invested in them and gave them nothing for their shares? Wasn't that our Labour Government?

Anonymous said...

I just wish Laura Sandys would shut up, I'm as sick of seeing her face on everything as I am of seeing Roger Gale's. Who does she think she is ?!

Anonymous said...

Is that exclusively Conservative faces 3:57 or will any party do?

Anonymous said...

with ref to 10.32
Why was Railtrack taken back by into public ownership was it because they were too interested in paying their shareholders dividends at the end of the year and not investing into the infrastructure. Track, Stations, etc etc broken points track, derailments.

Anonymous said...

I don't object to RailTrack going back into public ownership; it was the way it was done!

Anonymous said...

so you would rather the government didnt take it back and let Railtrack fat cats get fatter while passengers pay with their lives???

Anonymous said...

??????? 6.26pm. Read my post of 6.23 again!