Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A New Pleasure

Michael Child writes to tell us:

" After a considerable number of attempts I managed to speak to the architect who is now working on the Pleasurama development, Steve Wood of PRC Fewster Architects.

He told me that the intention now is for Thanet District Council to repair the cliff in the autumn (2007) and for the development to start next year (2008) the car park is being redesigned to allow for maintenance access to the cliff, he said it would now be even smaller.

There will be no pile driving involved in the construction now, the foundations for a concrete framework will be augured.

He told me that the height of the ceiling of the car park is slightly in excess of 4 meters, which although it won't he high enough to admit larger lorries it should be sufficient.

I asked him about the flood and storm provisions, he was unable to give me the height of the car park above datum or the expected flood level. When I expressed my concerns he said he would take them up with the civil engineers.

He also told me that the revised plans should appear soon, Steve Wood is not the original architect and told me he was not familiar with the history of the plans, although the firm he works for PRC Fewster Architects did produce the original plans.

I am very concerned that neither the council officers nor the cabinet members have publicised the fact that the development is to be delayed for yet another year. I am also concerned that no effort is being made to tidy up the site for the summer season, something I have repeatedly asked for since 2004."

Ed: I'm sure there's a reason for this Michael and perhaps one of the ward councillors might shed some light if they read this.

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Michael Child said...

Simon I don’t think any of the Ramsgate councillors know anything about this, I have asked them. For Ramsgate this is a big issue, on the same scale as Dreamland or The Turner Contemporary is for Margate.

The cabinet and planning department sat on the report saying that the cliff had to be repaired and they couldn’t pile drive for two years without telling us about it, finally I managed to get hold of it via the freedom of information act and asked them what they were going to do about it.

I have not had the courtesy of a reply and find it incredible that the safety issues relating to a project of this size can be a political secret. I have also pointed out that the flood and storm provisions are woefully inadequate and haven’t had a reply about this either

Surly with a project of this scale someone who knows what’s going on could comment, even anonymously.