Saturday, June 30, 2007

Lockwoods Yard to be Converted

Here's another photo this morning, Lockwoods Yard in Westgate, which has just been approved for - conditional - development.

The disused yard, which is the only listed one of its kind, dates back to 1872 and plans were approved last week for an office and housing.

Now, I was under the distinct impression that the latest plans met with the approval of the residents association but this week's Thanet Gazette (p9) suggests that this is not the case and I would welcome any comments on the subject.

I can remember, as a boy, when the yard was active, with a nursery opposite - now new buildings - . When the railway level crossing was suspended and fenced-across, years ago, it cut off that part of Westgate and I would prefer to see it used constructively and sympathetically than fall into complete disrepair.

What's your view on the subject?

On another note, I also hear from Cllr Goodwin that Westgate shopkeepers are keen to see the return of CCTV in the village. This isn't cheap, so while I will visiting as many shops as possible for a chat, please don't hesitate to drop me or any of your other ward councillors an email.


Anonymous said...

I spoke to the agent about this months a go and he said the council would not allow residential development, which he thought was effectively a waste. If not residential then it would need to be commercial, i.e. offices, workshops etc. I doubt there would be enough call for it. As for it being the only builders yard of its type from the latter half of the 19th century, so what and who cares? Turning your environment into a museum stifles progress. Secondly its a brownfield site, doubtless someone will whinge about it but you either develop brownfield sites or build on greenfield, make your minds up.

Ken Gregory said...

Well, once again the local 'Rag' got it wrong, They said it was granted consent by officers, NOT TRUE. Members took the view, by a large majority, to save the yard from dereliction, and get it back into use, against officer advice.

Yet another example of the worth of a planning committee.

Anonymous said...

The facts please Doc on this one, its on your patch, if the local rag article is true then it tells you all you need to no about Thanet, its lack of investment, vision, council incompetence etc but dont worry a handful of people will do very well out of it! "you don't no what you've got till its gone".

DrMoores said...

My understanding - and I'm not on planning - is that it will be partly developed and used as a yard. As there appears to be an element of contradiction, I'll attempt to discover exactly what the condition(s) were or would welcome the assistance of members of the planning committee, such as Cllr Gregory.

Ken Gregory said...

My pleasure Simon,

The consent granted was for a mixed developement, some office and some residential.
New Build by the railway line, the 'paint store' to remain, as the rest of the buildings.

There was also a parking condition, that satisfied Kent Highways.

The trouble with this item was that it was deemed the only listed 'builders yard' in the uk. That is nothing to do with the buildings, but the use. (I suppose that cigarette factories will be listed). The buildings were not (in my understanding) listed.

I hope the decision of the planning committee will bring this lovely place back from ruin.

DrMoores said...

Thanks for the clarification Ken.. I was in the Customer Services presentation nexct door when Lockwoods was being discussed in planning.

Observer said...

naughty, naughty Dr Moores,
I have the same picture HERE

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c/o Microsoft

Anonymous said...

anon again!

Ivor Reed would turn in his urn!

DrMoores said...

You lost me "Observer" another example of the new Microsoft virtual earth @ its best!

Anonymous said...

The point I am trying to make is that the IMMPRESION given at the start of your post is that the photo was taken this morning,
maybe the words "Here's another photo this morning,"
led me to believe that it had been taken from your plane.


B**()%$$" thing wont let me log in.

DrMoores said...

No.. the implication was that it was "Virtual earth"

I think I probably have a shot of the yard that I have taken somewhere in the archive but Virtual earth shows it off OK

Anonymous said...

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Tom King said...

Simon,-re; Lockwoods yard,the residents association have supported this application because it undertakes to completely renovate the exterior using all original materials thus returning the yard to its former glory. The residential units will finance the project which will also see builders offices once agian keeping Lockwoods in the building trade,add to this 40 local jobs and £1500 these contribute a week to our local economy,then with the absense of a viable alternative,this has to be the best for Westgate and a long over due chance to restore this ragged corner of the village to its original function.The report in the Gazette was somewhat misleading but i hope this clarifies the associations position.


DrMoores said...

Thank you Tom, that's much clearer now!

Anonymous said...

If its all so clear cut and jolly, jolly you tell me WHO exactly are International Financial Consultants? You won't find them listed anywhere, they don't exist!
I think as soon as they get the chance you'll have houses on this site and that'll be that!

DrMoores said...

I rather hope not but at least you have three local councillors and a weblog keeping a close and interested eye on the matter whch is more than most communities get!