Sunday, June 10, 2007

Don't Do It Again

The convicted robber, serving an eight-year sentence, who escaped from Hollesley Bay prison, near Woodbridge a week ago has been found in Ramsgate. Whether Ramsgate as the new "Millionaires Playground" is an irresistible lure to convicted felons, I don't know but I'm certain, that with our prisons, open and otherwise, leaking thousands of convicts into the public domain, every year, that there's more than one, 'gone to ground' here in Thanet.

Flicking through the local rag(s) this week, before attending the regular "Community safety briefing", what struck me is that in nearly every case of nasty, violent disorder in our streets and bars, the perpetrators, hauled-up in front of a Magistrate, whine "I'm very sorry" - (or have their solicitor plea on their behalf) and then are released on a conditional discharge and told not to beat anyone up with a broken bottle or chair-leg, ever again.

Of course, the prisons are full, so you can't put them there and so in several cases I can immediately think of, the thug(s) walk free but are chastened with the thought that they have behaved very badly and are a disgrace to the community.

And do they care? Like..... they do!

In some un-enlightened societies (see photo) the sentence can be a little harsher but I'm not quite sure why he's clutching a meat pie tin unless it contains the softer parts of his anatomy?!


Anonymous said...

It is only the essentially law-abiding who have shame concerning their failings. What is of concern is the lack of real punishment for repeated petty crime by those who clearly have no respect for the law and have no sense of shame. Fines and Community Service are not collected or enforced and despite having powers to send to prison, Magistrates are clearly given guidelines not to do so. We have a problem in our society with parents who do not punish; schools who do not punish and Courts that do not punish. Is it any surprise that a growing number of our fellow citizens around Thanet really believe that they can do what they want, when they want and how they want? Go and stand on Westover Road in St Peter's or any straight stretch of road in Thanet and observe speeds in suburban streets in excess of 50mph from countless drivers of all ages. The one common feature all these motorists have is the outlook that 30mph regulations do not apply to them.

Anonymous said...

You've only got to look at some of the brain dead around like Mr. & Mrs. Bar-B-Que with the attention span of an ant to see why society is where it now is.

Anonymous said...

I am not in favour of Zero tolerance from the bottom up ... rather I am in favour of applying Common Law from the top down.

Poliuce Officers who betray their oaths as independent ministerial officers of the Crown.

The Laws of Treason (such as for the test "Engineer" who signs that manufactured equipment passes factory test when it was never tested ... just because managers told him to.

If I had free rein to apply the law in Thanet .. the public disorder problems would disappear.

Once a Chief constable and a Superintendent or two are hanged, together with some local MPs and Councillors and journalists and magistrates and judges ... the rest will drop into line.