Friday, June 08, 2007

A Bit Cheeky

Three romantic Lemmings are keen to leap over the matrimonial cliff this weekend, with two of them at the Isle of Wight festival tomorrow, which is a coincidence but makes the travelling a little easier in terms of a single flight into Bembridge to set-up the "Will you marry me?" banners. I don't think we have ever done one here in Thanet, so is romance wilting or is everyone just fed-up of aircraft flying over I wonder?

A curious challenge arises in the week ahead from Tuesday, over Kent and the motorways at rush hours, with three days of aerial publicity for a Canadian website Weblo are apparently auctioning off England to the highest bidder and have asked for a rather "cheeky" message to be added to the banner, regarding someone called"Tony."

Now once upon a time, Airads was asked to fly a banner with "Bollocks to Blair"; the hunting ban I think and now it looks as if someone sharing the PM's first name is going to have similar treatment. I did suggest "Gordon for President" but they preferred to stay with what they have, so watch out for BBC or Meridian news reports as they will have been told about it but I'm not allowed to spoil the surprise.

In a little more orthodox messaging exercise with a big sheet banner, I'll be the first flight through Thanet's "Big Day" - on Sunday 18th at 13:30 so best have your anti-aircraft guns trained at the rather slow target heading towards Palm Bay with a brand new digital skybanner promoting Terence Painter Properties.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully, the Terence Painter logo will be clearer than last year. Just couldn't work out who was paying for their Air-ad last summer!

DrMoores said...

I hope so.. its a 15*30 feet logo so you shouldn't need binoculars!