Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Write With a Lisp

I thought I would call PC World at Westwood Cross today and ask why my laptop, which was deposited there to have its keyboard fixed under guarantee, at the last Bank Holiday, hasn't reappeared?

I had first asked ten days ago and had been told that it had been collected and would take long, after all, it's only the "F" key which has stopped working.

When finally, PC World called me back this morning, it was to tell me that "Surprise" my laptop was still where I had left it and they couldn't understand why it hadn't been collected. "That's not much of an excuse" I told the chap at the other end of the phone. "It's not an excuse" he replied, "It's a reason" "and xxx, who should have done it isn't here today to ask."

So now my laptop won't be collected "again" until Thursday and then they have no idea how long the repair will take, ten days being a best estimate.

Forgive me if I'm not impressed, given that I needed one so urgently, that I had to buy a second laptop to tide me over until the first was fixed.

Every reason to give them a miss next time and I'm a "Business Customer", so Lord help "Joe Public"!


Anonymous said...

Barrie says:- serves you right for using a PC you should have bought a Mac from a Mac shop they will fix them indefinately because they very seldom go wrong!

DrMoores said...

I would but a Mac is more expensive and I would have to buy lots of software as well as climb on a learning curve. I'm starting to loathe technology!

Anonymous said...

As a person who is finishing his degree in computing, i am finding myself asking you, who in the world would ask PC world to fix their computer?... not me!...
time after time i find their lack of experience and knowledge laughable.
and their prices are far too high, Look around open your eyes.

I would suggest you used a reputable local computer business in future, there are several in Thanet who are far cheaper and much more reliable.

DrMoores said...

Note the "Under guarantee" part of the entry.

I'm sure you are right. I certainly would not take any of my machines to PC World to fix without a good reason!

Michael Child said...

Only one place you get technology done worse than the big chain stores and that’s government. With our own dear Thanet District Council topping the bill I have been complaining about this since 2004 see http://www.thanetonline.com/Pleasurama/

TDC have just updated their website with each councillor allocated a new .gov email address, as I have had problems with their emails before I emailed all 56 councillors asking them to reply confirming that they had received the email. I got 13 confirmations of receipt and 6 undeliverables and so far 4 replies 2 from frustrated councillors who couldn’t access their email. What riles me is that I am paying for this can you imagine if your email was this successful i.e between 4% and 88% of your emails arrived.

So out of 56 and after 19 hours I have only so far had confirmation that 2 TDC email addresses actually work. If you click on the Michael Child link it will take you to a page listing the councillors email addresses any corrections or additions would be appreciated.

It is the equivalent of TDC having a machine that randomly burnt a quarter of the councillors mail without telling them. The worst part of it is that councillors don’t know how many of their constituents emails have just vanished, leaving them assuming that the councillor was too rude to reply.

Anonymous said...

PC WORLD are notoriously crap.