Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo Bravo?

Richard Littlejohn's column in the Daily Mail this morning could equally make you laugh or cry with his stories on policing and political correctness.

One example, the Metropolitan Police decided to spend £70,000 sending officers on "Shakespeare awareness" courses.

"The programme was designed to instill "inspirational leadership" by drawing on Henry and Julius Caesar. Wherefore art thou, Romeo Bravo Echo?"

The others aren't much better, a police helicopter scambled to chase a stolen pedaloe and two children nicked for not having a tax disc displayed on a home made wooden "go kart," so read on.


Anonymous said...

The story of 10 years has been sadly increased taxation to then squander on 'silly' projects. Don't worry about the Met have a closer look at TDC. An ad in the jobs pages of Thanet Times reads as follows:

You will provide support to local businesses to help them comply with the new smoke-free legislation commencing on 1 July 2007. This will include providing information, advice and training as well as investigating complaints and taking appropriate enforcement action.

Presumably TDC has had to do this as a result of HM Grabamint instructing them to do so?
So, a further burden on Council Tax payers when the law needs no clarification. How much training do people need to put up no smoking signs and understand that NO SMOKING IN ANY ENCLOSED PUBLIC ACCESSED SPACE MEANS JUST THAT?

James Maskell said...

Indeed, it is HM Government putting this extra pressure on local government. This is another example of Councils getting more powers and jobs to do, without the necessary increase in the government grant to cover this increase in workload. Thats why Council Tax goes up as quickly as it does (and even then, Council Tax increases are capped at 5% per year by the Treasury). If the resources were given to Councils in order to do these extra responsibilities then I would be fine with it, but Brown seems intent to make Council stretch every penny as far as it will go. This can only hurt frontline services.