Monday, May 07, 2007

Temporary Glitch

No, I haven't been away or even diplomatically silent. My internet connection went "down" over the weekend and after hours of frustration, I narrowed the problem down to a faulty router. I've just been out to PC World to buy a new one and this is the result, I'm back but with a small flood of emails to respond to.

So thank you everyone for your comments, congratulations and suggestions and I will do my best to catch-up over the next day or so.

A little later.

I had to return to a certain PC store, when having managed to get the router working, my laptop decided that the "F" character on the keyboard, rather than the "F word" was no longer required. The end result was one laptop back to be fixed under guarantee. I'm now trying to get to grips with Windows Vista, as this week of all weeks, I can't afford to be without a laptop PC. Vista is colourful, I'll say that about it but I'm starting to wonder, after twenty years in IT, whether the technology is leaving me behind or perhaps my brain is simply slowing down.


Doctor Doom said...

Always lovely to hear when someone of your self-evident IT prowess succumbs to the same frustrating techno-problems as us mere mortals. :-)

But that's the second mention of PC World in as many postings, Simon. Should our local councillors be promoting specific big-name businesses in this way?

Are there not local IT and office suppliers who stock the goods you need?

DrMoores said...

I quite agree with you and I usually call on the smaller stores closer to home in Westbrook who do an excellent job. Sadly the one I usually use is closed and this was an emergency. That said the "F" key on my laptop has stopped working and now I'm really stuck for characters!

Ken Gregory said...

As you quiet rightly point out Simon, PC world was open, the local store not. My point is that the customer should be right, and offered a service. If my local shop (Ben's in Minster) was not open when I wanted and did not stock the items I wanted I would go to Westwood X. As it is I use my local store most of the time, and the butchers.
(Though why do butchers shut on Mondays, and many stores in Broadstairs stll have half day closing?)

Ken G said...

Ps Simon, your clock is set to GMT

Michael Child said...

Chaps speaking as a small shopkeeper I shut Sunday Thursday and all bank holidays it’s about the only time I get off, I used to be able to employ staff and opened 7 days a week, in my immediate area about 50 roadside parking spaces have gone since I started trading here 20 years ago. While at the same time a great many out of town shops have opened with free parking. Lots of council owned accommodation in this immediate area has residents without cars so their car parks in the town centre are half empty. Nearly all the shops beyond me away from the town have been turned into residential, I don’t really know the answers but reinstating some of the parking would help.
The Michael Child link should take you to some pictures of Ramsgate’d shops in 1905

Anonymous said...

I can tell you that the local computer store in Westbrook used to open bank hols but after we averaged about a fiver a day takings the decision was made to close.
Although we were open customers expected a local store not to be - so didn't come.
In spite of that in fact anyone coming here today would have seen the shutters up and if they had tapped on the door during much of the day could have had a new router or anything else they wanted.
There is always something to do in any business, even if its only painting out the back or something else you can't easily do on a normal day.

DrMoores said...

In that case my apologies, as you are normally my first port of call when I have a problem. I simply assumed that when I ran off to the big store at 9am that you were closed. Please give your shop a mention if you like!

stuart said...

I can't believe someone who works in the IT industry even gives the time of day to the useless, overpriced hell that is PC World. On any day.

And congratulations btw, Simon.

DrMoores said...

Not through choice Stuart but sometimes one has to go to the only place that is open.

Almost two hours spent dithering in there yesterday

And thank you!

Anonymous said...

The linksys router on sale in PC World is actually quite a good product, very fast and reliable.
They are ususally expensive on stuff but those aren't a bad price.