Sunday, May 13, 2007

Surplus Sale

I spent a very pleasant evening on the "Grand Turk" in Ramsgate harbour yesterday evening and was sorry to hear from the Captain, that this wonderful ship, is having to be sold off as it is "surplus to requirements."

The Grand Turk is a replica of a three-masted sixth-rate frigate, well known for depicting HMS Indefatigable in the TV series Hornblower, although the historical Indefatigable was a much bigger ship. She has also served in the same TV series as the French ship Papillon. She was built primarily as an action vehicle for the international TV and film industry. Nowadays the tall ship is used mainly in sailing events, for corporate or private charter, and for receptions in its spacious saloon or on its deck.

The Captain told us that she was built in Marmaris, Turkey in 1996 for the price of £2 million. An authentic replica, she is based on historical drawings, of the frigate HMS Blandford built in 1741. The deck is lined with cast iron smooth-bore cannons.

Wikipedia reveals that a frigate was not large enough and insufficiently heavily armed to fight in the "line of battle". Her function would have been primarily to scout for the main fleet, giving support where necessary, or carry messages.


Anonymous said...

Was your visit in a private capacity or as a TDC Councillor? desperately sad to hear bad times ahead for this replica of an HMS frigate. What does the skipper think the future holds for it?

DrMoores said...

No official business I'm afraid. It was in a private capacity invited to a function on the ship for which tickets were on sale.