Thursday, May 10, 2007

St Mildred's Trench

In case you happen to be wondering what is happening in St Mildred's road, Westgate, then the shopkeepers have already been on to me today and I have been out to see the local traders and the results of the roadworks.

To cut a long story short. Morrisons are laying a new gas pipe in Westgate and you will have seen the work running up and down Westgate Bay Avenue. Now it's the turn of St Mildred's road outside the shops.

I have spoken with KCC Highways department and the inspector came down to have a look this afternoon. I also spoke with the works supervisor on the job and here's the bad news.

It could take up to three weeks to lay the pipe depending on what they find when they dig-up the road. I have stressed the interruption to local business and the fact that the elderly won't be able to park outside the Post Office and chemists.

Morrisons will try to have the job finished as quickly as possible and have agreed to try and keep as many parking bays in operation as possible during the course of the work. I will be checking on this from time to time and won't hesitate to make a fuss if they don't keep business and parking interruption to a minimum.

Being new to the job of being a councillor, I'm discovering that it's really outside my control but I can at least try and hasten the work along.

Realistically, only a percentage of the local population read this but if you can pass the word along, it will be a great help.


Anonymous said...

Good. Keep up the good work. Half the problem is poor communication to those effected from contractors and KCC!

Anonymous said...

anon again!
Also remember that a 'normal' worker might take umbridge at being
told by someone superior to "hurry it up" & purposely use delaying tactics, even sabotage, to make the job last longer. He has nothing to lose, and will gain more wages in the long run....
On the other hand, if the TDC Councillors walked along daily and congratulated the workers on their speed and efficiency, and the promise of a crate of Beer when the job is completed on schedule, they might just get a move on.

Tactics Councillor, tactics.

DrMoores said...

Rest assured that I was a model of courtesy with both the contractor and the KCC inspector. I don't think you would expect otherwise of me?

Nice idea crate of beer. Perhaps the Off license might join in with the other traders?

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

anon again!

Thank you! I had not expected otherwise of you.
Good idea getting all the traders together.

stuart said...

It needs to be done! Sure, it's an inconvenience to some but so would a gas leak be, or having no supply.