Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Squeezed for Space

I've just been having a poke through all the different planning applications in my Westgate ward for the last twelve months and I count 173 new homes, the great majority being houses rather than flats.

Now that strikes me as being quite a large number, as I started the exercise thinking it might be a nice round figure like 50 and it shows how wrong one can be.

There's an increased density in Westgate these days that is immediately noticeable in the shortage of parking space in strategic areas, such as outside the surgery and in the village. If the planning applications continue at their current pace - and there's no reason to believe that they might not - then in five years, little Westgate is going to look very squeezed for space unless we keep a very close eye on its growth.

I also wonder, under this week's new planning regulations proposed from Westminster, how many giant garden conservatories/outdoor cabins are now going to appear over the course of the summer.

I'm reminded of one resident who extended part of their small house in what is now thankfully the conservation area - with a bright white PVC conservatory on a 19th century building. This is now quite literally visible from ten thousand feet without any trouble. I sometimes wonder if the aircraft routing back to Heathrow along the coast use it as a visual reporting point?


Michal Child said...

When I first got involved with the Pleasurama problem see one thing that struck me was that neither the areas residents association, local councillors or the Ramsgate Society were aware of the plans until it was too late to object.

I have been trying to work out what really big developments are in the offing from the TDC planning website which I have pinned down in a frame at there are thousands of applications many of them for trivial things like building garden walls some of the huge like F/TH/07/0500 for building 100 homes at Minster. There doesn’t seem to be any way of separating the really big developments that have a major impact on a town or village from those that have a relatively minor impact.

I also looked for anything that could be related to the 1,000,000 square feet commercial development at Manston mentioned in an earlier post and gave up after about an hour.

Here in Ramsgate as an example there are at least two council run offices with shop windows in the town centre, which would make excellent places to inform us of large local projects, of say over twenty dwellings or over 20.000 square feet of commercial.

Anonymous said...

Dig a little deeper Doc! A number of us are convinced that such has been the building going on all over Thanet as a result of increased property prices down here that the 'target' for TDC to meet the extra dwellings set by the SEEDA and ODPM has been long exceeded! What is the score over the whole Isle?