Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Series of Small Steps

I'm delighted to see that the repainting of the public toilets in St Mildred's Bay, which started yesterday, is almost complete. My thanks to the council for moving so promptly on the request to have this done before the holiday season starts.

I would never describe them as pretty but with bright white paint and blue railings, they now look a great deal better than they were in this morning's drizzle.

Remaining with the subject of Westgate buildings, I understand that no public objections have been lodged against F/TH/07/0457 for the change of use of the Bridge Hotel in St Mildred's road to twelve, self-contained single flats for "Adult social care facilities."

This application will be heard at the planning committee on May 23rd (19:00)and if you have any formal objections, you should email these to or write to Thanet Distict Council, Planning Services (PO Box 9) Cecil Street, Margate, CT9 1XZ. You can also pass comment here as Cllr Goodwin is on the planning committee and I'm sure he will read anything under this entry.

Please note my remarks in the earlier story this week: "Qui Tacet Consentiret" in regard to my stating any personal position on this and any other local planning application.


Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that TDC policy on single flat conversions was 'anti' or does that just mean over in Cliftonville?

Michael Child said...

Simon for a number of years I have been taking TDC to task over the way it presents the councillors on its website see and I had been assured by the chief executive that once the election was over the issues I raised would be addressed I therefore waited for the improvements that the new listings would show promised to appear by the TDC website yesterday. I have a suspicion that a website called by the council officers who designed it “the member portal” that makes councillors look silly may not be an accident, if you take a glance at you will see what I mean. At he moment instead of giving me information about you it asks me for a password and then takes me to a page saying access denied, the inference being that you are lacking in computer literary which I know is no the case.

Anonymous said...

Re Bridge Hotel - there is not too much concern about this but I will be watching with interest to see if any further development of a similar nature crops up in the future - after all if single dwellings are banned in Cliftonville they can't be allowed to escalate in Westgate can they?
Eileen Cunnew

Tom King said...

The policy by TDC to refuse any more applications for one bed accomodation in Cliftonville West is in keeping with their plans for regeneration of the area for which they are being funded. Thanet council are minded that the 'transient population' are the base of the area's anti-social problems and deprevation.However the need for this type of accomodation will not vanish but simply be moved elsewhere and judging by the recent applications ,westgate looks the likely recipent.Whilst every one should have the right to a roof over their head the need for this type of accomodation should be shared out evenly across Thanet and not in one place.Perhaps 'Royal Kingsgate' could also accomodate some of this need?

Anonymous said...

do the residents of westgate won,t building that remain empty or building that are in use
simple question

Anonymous said...

the planning committee look at both sides of every case put to them for planning .and no westgate will not become like c/ville there councillors have more sence than that to let just any old thing go ahead o ye of little faith