Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Really Big Knife

More violence in Margate on Wednesday, when a man was threatened with a knife and robbed of cash, a mobile telephone, a watch and a silver bracelet on the seafront in Cliftonville.

The victim was walking from the sands atup the slope to Ethelbert Crescent at around 10.30am when a man approached him asking for the time. When he got out his phone to check, he was pushed and threatened with a large kitchen knife until he handed over his possessions.

Police are hunting a white man, aged between 17 and 18, around 5ft 10in, of slim build and with light-brown hair which is combed forward.

He has a two-inch scar running down his left cheek and spoke with a local accent. He was wearing a white hooded top, dark-blue jeans and blue trainers.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police in Margate on 01843 222073.

In a second incident on Tuesday, a French teacher was punched in the face when he tried to stop a confrontation between one of his students and another youth in Hawley street, Margate.

The teacher was with a group of eight students when a group of youths walked past them and a girl flicked her cigarette at one of the French students.

A row took place and as the teacher tried to separate the two a boy attacked him. He is described as aged 13 or 14, 5ft 2ins tall, stocky build with blonde hair.

The teacher did not need hospital treatment.

Anyone who saw the incident, which took place on Tuesday, May 22, is urged to contact PC Kim Lumpkin on 01843 222060.

Ramsgate wasn't immune either. An 18-year-old was assaulted and punched at about 2am on Sunday, May 27 as he walked along Penshurst Road. Police say he has been at the town’s Prince Harry pub with friends and after he left he was involved in the altercation with two men.

They are thought to be aged between 18 to 21. Both are around 5ft 8ins to 5ft 9ins tall.

One had black, spiky hair and wore a dark t-shirt and grey tracksuit bottoms. The other was blond and wore a grey hooded top with black stripes on the side and light blue jeans.

Anyone who saw the men in Penshurst Road or in the pub earlier are asked to contact Det Sgt Claire Munday on 01843 222060.

Ed.. it's sad enough to see such stories but the Margate account, 5' 2" and thirteen years old, attacking an adult? The lad must have 'issues'.


Anonymous said...

anon again!

The 13-14 year old lad is typical of Thanet's SCUM youth. Brainless thug, local idiot, feral filth, call it what you will, and should be locked up in the Police cells for a week or so, along with the fag flickin little ho that started the insulting behaviour toward foreign guests.
Excuse my lack of 'understanding' in this matter, but it is the 'Local Lawless Society' at its worst.

Snailspace said...

Dregs would be a more apt title.
And as for lawless, If the police were able do their job without being hampered by the winging do gooders and lefties it might just become a more pleasent place to live

Anonymous said...

sadly i think its come to a point where the parents of these children need to held accountable, at first you could fine them. then if ultimately they still continue to terrorize then put the parents in jail each time doubling the sentence.

Anonymous said...

anon again!
What an absolutely brilliant idea! Thanet streets will be empty in a few years (<->)
Yes, I can see it all now. Brilliant...
I wish I'd thought of that!
I'm not being sarcastic either.

Doctor Doom said...

Three depressing examples of violent crime in Thanet, without a doubt.

Worth noting though that none of the perpetrators came from the immigrant community in these instances - rather that these are fine examples of local home-grown thugs in action.

Worth noting too that none of these events happened in Broadstairs, where this summer’s headline grabbing crime-prevention initiative is due to start tomorrow.

Also worth noting that only one of the three instances involved an apparent under-sixteen, and not after 9pm...

Yes, Anon 2:29, absolutely right, parents should be held responsible if their children are engaged in such activities. But let’s be clear that, if the reports are typical, two thirds of those involved were not kids.

With police attention devoted to a small area of Broadstairs this summer, determined to enforce dispersal orders and curfews, it does not look promising for the rest of Thanet, presumably to be left even more under-policed than usual...

Perhaps instead of headline grabbing measures and mis-directed extra police powers it would be far better if the both central and local authorities addressed the real issues of a) lack of police officers on the beat and b) the absence of social responsibility within the community that fosters such behaviour...

Anonymous said...

Its a good description of the perp, however I don't know if Thanet's Finest will catch him.

I have gone so far as to give the local cops the name and address of a burglar who committed a particular burglary and they still never did anything about it.

In fact they said they had no record of me ever contacting them.

Is it worth bothering?

IMHO its not the beatcops who are the problem but the office wallahs.

And the rot starts at or near the top and percolates down the ranks.

Talk to a beatcopper and they are supportive and usually interested in doing an old fashioned policing job.

Get into the nick at Fort Hill and you are faced with an institutional denial of service.

Its not right.

Tony Beachcomber said...

Regarding the Broadstairs curfew, if it does curb anti social behaviour all well and good. But reading some of these comments my words fears are proven to be true. Firstly, becuase of three acts of thuggery, Thanet youth are now classed as scum by the reactionary right. Does that mean any male youth who just happens to be walking through Broadstairs and their face doesn't fit in with the opinion of any resident they can expect the law to bear down on them, even though they have broken no law. Punish the guilty not the innocent.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

Thanet youth is mainly SCUM, I'd say about 80/20. I remember when it used to be 5/95. Beachcomer, find out who/what causes these midless acts, pinpoint them, make an example of them....(or their parents) and the rest might (might) be a bit more wary before committing random violent acts or ANTI SOCIAL crimes.

chris wells said...

Perhaps, ladies and gentlemen, we need a slogan to highlight the overlapping problems being highlighted here - how about tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime......?

Look, whatever is being done in Broadstairs is not at the expense of stripping police from other areas, and is not about demonising youth, I have made that quite clear, but most people seem to prefer the media version of events or their own prejudice to th reality.

Neighbourhood policing is on the return, but you should not expect to see a police officer on every street corner, if indeed you ever did if one is honest about one's memories.

Yes, we have to have strategies that look beyond the behaviour exhibited to the causes and tackle them where we can as well, we know that and are doing that. We also know where the worst trouble spots are and the police deploy accordingly.

Tony and Dr Doom are quick to condemn, but not so slick with any real answers, simply truisms. On the streets we are fighting the battle every day, and with real energy and effort, engaging any and all who may help. In spite of everything said here, the decision about Broadstairs is the correct one and we will stick with it for the 6 months to be sure that anti social behaviour is curbed. At the same time crimes such as these are actively pursued. Believe it or not, serious assaults in Thanet are down, that is the good news, but minor assaults are up, that is the bad news; similarly burglary is down, but shoplifing is up - but whose bright idea was it to make this a fixed penalty crime? Your average burglar can risk prison burgling or fixed penalty shoplifting - even for an intellectually challenged individual that is not a complicated choice. The scene is constantly changing and shifting, alongside expectations of how safe people feel on the streets and at home. These balances underpin all that we do.

chris wells said...

For the record you are all wrong. Far and away the majority of our young people are individuals of whom we should be proud. To put numbers on it is invidious. We would not apply such simplistic sweeping generalisations to the adult world.

Doctor Doom said...

Chris, you say I am quick to condemn, but if you refer back to earlier postings you’ll find that actually I conceded reluctant support to the dispersal orders you introduced, merely questioning why existing laws were deemed inadequate to the task.

The issue of the draconian curfew is what continues to concern me, particularly in light of the contradiction thrown up by your last comments:

“Far and away the majority of our young people are individuals of whom we should be proud.”

I could not agree more, Councillor.
I’m immensely proud of the young people of my acquaintance both through work and socially, and I’m appalled by the posted comments some people have made. You rightly observe, “We would not apply such simplistic sweeping generalisations to the adult world.”
Absolutely. But you have applied just such a simplistic sweeping generalisation to the non-adult world with this obscene curfew, which effectively states that all under sixteens in Broadstairs are potential criminals that cannot be trusted, and simply adds fuel to the worst prejudices as shown by some of the recent contributors.

chris wells said...

I have supported the application of a curfew for children who may be causing trouble and are not under parental control. I repeat please listen to what is actually being done and why.

If I misrepresented you I apologise.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

19:30 Birchington Square, Sat 2nd June.
Gang of about 20 youth's from 13 - 17 DRUNK at the Bus Stop throwing bottles and cans at passing cars.

Anonymous said...

The police have effectively withdrawn from policing the community and have become a response 'service' and an ineffective one at that. What we now have on the 'beat' in Westgate and throughout the Isle are our Community Wardens! Kent Police have lost the touch on the ground and are now asking our Community Wardens to take Police Officers around! Our warden in Westgate used to patrol by himself in the evenings, but now is not allowed to do so and he is the one person who knows by name most of our local 'players'! Kent Police have little idea of what is going on at street level because they are not out there doing a Community Policing role. We seem to have thrown out the bitter lessons learned over a 100 years of effective policing for a remote, response orientated, target driven and ineffective police force which has more staff and more high-tech aids but is increasingly ineffectual in what it does.

We have 'assistants' by the score helping out midwives, teachers etc and we have a rash of PCSOs and 'Community Wardens' now doing the old fashioned and un-popular 'Home Beat' Police role. All most of us want is EFFECTIVE policing of the LAW and we are just not getting it.

Anonymous said...

The Police don't bother and the parents chuck the little scroats out of their homes for the evening as they can't deal with them. So they're inflicting their ferral offspring on the rest of us and we're supposed to control them!

Anonymous said...

Im afraid its back to basics for me nowadays . If youth show dis respect they are given a good beating . It worked fo my age group and the decent generation before . I have a few mates who deal with these low life scum the same way . The courts fail us so its a case of having to .