Wednesday, May 09, 2007

New Boy

Not much in the way of posts this week I'm afraid. Another day run-off my feet, with five hours of exams at the CAA building at Gatwick, followed by a dash for the coast through endless roadworks and M25/M23/M2 traffic jams on my motorcycle, to make the new councillors induction evening at TDC in Cecil Square by 7pm.

I see that I now have another email address, this time one at TDC but I can't find it again among all the materials, the product of several trees, that were handed to me this evening, along with my building pass. I'm sure it will turn up.

There's a wealth of information to read and become familiar with and a one sobering statistic is seen in the remarkably high level of deprivation present in Cliftonville and Margate Central, which casts a long shadow on the rest of the island and plans for development and economic growth.

A growing volume of email is going to present a new challenge in future and I wonder if the weblog will suffer an attention deficit as a result. I hope not

Meanwhile and back at the ranch, so to speak, I'm typing this on Microsoft's Windows Vista, which is very Apple 'Mac-like' I agree but a little frustrating in some areas. The principal problem I'm encountering is its internet security. It simply doesn't like 'Blog' sites, possibly due to Java or active content. With so many new whistles and bells to become familiar with on this very smooth looking PC Operating System, I haven't yet worked out how to adjust the security settings to suit my own needs.

The advice is don't try Windows Vista unless you have a PC that's fast enough to take it but when you do, I think that like me, you'll be pleased with the overall effect and there was me threatening to go out and buy an Apple Macintosh a month ago!

Finally, thanks to Michael Child for this photograph of an earier cliff collapse in Ramsgate. Michael writes:

"Simon during my on-oing dialogue about the Pleasurama development one aspect has been my concern about the safety of pile driving next to the cliff and building so close without first filling the big voids, it has become necessary to make my point more clearly to those involved."

Ed: Point made I suspect!


Tony Beachcomber said...

This cliff collapse photo was taken on 11th March 1947 at Pegwell Bay just round the corner from the Belle Veiw.

Tony Beachcomber said...

Margate Museum has further reference to the cliff tunnels at Ramsgate on Page 6 of the Gazette published August 18th 1923, mind you it could be the Thanet times, anyway it is in one of the locals published on that date.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

Vista is more-or-less a copy of Apple's OS X.4 (Operating System 10.4) with its 'dashboard' effect. Shame really, you'd have thought that with all them M/S $$$$$ behind them, they might have come up with something more original.

Michael Child said...

First yes many thanks to Tony and Margate museum for help with the pictures of Ramsgate’s cliff collapses, the rest of them published at it came as some surprise to me that TDC have told the developer to pile drive first, see what collapses as TDC have a significant sum set aside to stabilise the cliff afterwards.

Tony Beachcomber said...

Michael, I thought there was such a thing as health and safety and risk assessments involved in jobs like that. Perhaps TDC veiw it as nanny state interference.

The paris commune is looking more appealing everyday, will the last person to leave Thanet please turn of the lamposts.

Michael Child said...

The three main safety issues, the damaged cliff, the flood and storm risk, and the ceiling of the car park being to low to admit fire appliances, need looking at by independent qualified experts.

Risking loss of life or damage to property because no one in authority at TDC is prepared to admit that the project has serious faults undermines my confidence in their concerns for us.

The delays over facing these issues has meant that Ramsgate’s tourism has virtually been destroyed, it is long past the time that I should have received satisfactory answers to the concerns that I have raised about the project. Anyone responsible care to comment?

Emmeline said...

It is obvious why building hasn't started on the former Pleasurama site - no sane builder would risk working on a site when the moment they start drilling the cliff is going to fall down on their heads. As it stands according to the gospel of st. michael of King St we are in danger of losing the bandstand, the flagpole, Albion House and the whole of Wellington Crescent down a big black hole. Time for a re-think PLEASE.

Michael Child said...

Looking at the seismic survey the similarity of the cliff wall behind Kent Terrace to that in the Pegwell collapse the map produced by Dick Brimmell, who was the borough engineer and surveyor during the war the only reference to the caves I have ever seen the seismic survey I would say a worse case scenario would be pretty bad. The thing I found most illuminating in all the documentation I have accumulated was the newspaper article about the 1953 storm that says the sea hurled a 12 ton crane from the promenade to where they intend to build the glass fronted children’s play are below the old floodline.

Tony Beachcomber said...

Michael, the storm pictures of the destruction of the Marine Palace at Margate on 29th November 1897 were so graphic that developers never went near the rendevous car park site and a development was shelved. Pictures of that storm were taken by George Houghton a Margate Photographer and they are on file at the Margate Museum.
It is only now that they are proposing Turner Center mark 2 on the site.

Michael Child said...

Tony the great storm of I think 1897 demolished all the buildings where the pavilion now stands and took out about 100 feet of harbour wall next to it I wonder if they have any pictures in the archive. I have published a few Ramsgate storm and storm damage pictures at but don’t have any more. At least Turner 2 won’t have people living in it if there is a big storm at night I doubt all the residents would get out in time, I wouldn’t expect the building would be stronger than the harbour wall.

Snailspace said...

The lost email will most likely be

Tony Beachcomber said...

Michael, you are spot on. The base of the rendevous car park was strengthed in 1987. A piece of clever engineering, deflecting waves back into the next on coming wave. It is great for us beachcombers.

Margate Museum has a file on the Marine Palace it documents in old photographs the storm that destroyed the palace from beggining to the end. George Houghton produced a set of postcards called rough sea at margate using some of the pictures he took of that same storm. He just gave them a color wash.

Michael Child said...

I have just waked up and photographed cliff behind Kent Terrace Ramsgate pictures published at they help to make the point about the danger.

Anonymous said...

Having read in the KM recently the reported interview with Ingrid Spencer I am surprised that someone as intelligent as Ingrid can get things so wrong. Tom King did not stand as a candidate for the WWRA he stood for Westgate. Her comment that she hoped he would be working for Thanet as well as Westgate was also misguided.
He has been a regular attendant at the Kent Thanet Local Board Meetings which proves he has the interests of Thanet at heart as well as Westgate.
I am a little puzzled at the comments that Tom "ousted" Ingrid after all there were at least 7/8 other candidates on the list. Could it be the votes they gained could have cost her her seat?
Old Westgatonian