Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Little Mosaic Law

Kent Online runs a story today on a Ramsgate man who has notched-up 197 hoax calls to the emergency services.

A Judge has criticised the current 'namby-pamby' state of ASBOs that often are unenforcable after an application was made for such on order on a man with mental health problems.

Adaku Oragwu, prosecuting at Canterbury Crown Court, said an ASBO - an anti-social behaviour order - would prevent George Moses, of Clements Road, Ramsgate, from committing further nuisance offences But Judge Timothy Nash questioned how such an order would achieve that Moses, 39, was to be sentenced for making hoax calls to the emergency services about gas leaks, illness, assaults and burglaries.The ambulance service alone received 197 999 calls and crews were intimated by his behaviour. One crew waited down the road and saw Moses running towards them brandishing a piece of wood.

Mr Moses' lawyer, commenting on the attempt to place his client under an ASBO, said:

"I am horrified by the proposition that an order be put in place that prevents this man from contacting the police. That is a grave restriction on public rights and it should not be embarked on."

Meanwhile, Judge Nash said: "We live in this namby-pamby state where everybody rushes to get ASBOs. The latest figures show they are not anywhere near as successful as intended and there are so many breaches people can't keep up with them, the local authorities don't do anything about them and the police don't, they don't have the manpower."

Ed: So from the sound of it, expect more hoax 999 calls ad infinitum!


Norah Batty said...

Am I stating the obvious ? In this age of surveillance, mobile phone tracking etc. Is it impossible to identify the callers' number and put a 'bar' on it. If Mr. Moses continues to 'cry wolf' he will, eventually, have a real crisis and the emergency services won't come. It seems clear to me that any calls received from his home address, his landline number or known mobile number should be disregarded.

Anonymous said...

What about the rights of the person who dies or is badly injured because the Emergency Services are answering this moron's hoax calls?

Anonymous said...

anon again!

'Looney bins' used to be sooooo handy for such cases.

Anonymous said...

The judge, Timothy Nash was spot on about not giving this guy an ASBO but instead gave him a suspended 6 month sentence 'on the condition that George Moses underwent psychiatric treatment'. If Mr Moses does not comply with the treatment order or misbehaves in a similar fashion, the judge can send him away instantly for 6 months; a far more restraining influence on his behaviour perhaps than breaching an ASBO that seems to be par for the course for ASBOS!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps an elctronic tag with a curfew would be better in the first place. If he goes to prison (if there's space) for 6 months, he will only actually serve 2 months (less time held in custody (and if he's arrested before midnight and stays in the police station OVER midnight, then that's 2 days, technically, and is knocked off his sentence, then be put on a tag for 1 month. This is how the system works and exactly why the system DOESN'T work ! Even if this individual was sent for psychiatric treatment, we, ultimately, would end up paying for it.