Monday, May 14, 2007

Lost at Sea

A windsurfer was left drifting out to sea in 30-knot winds when his equipment broke at the weekend.

Kent Online reports that the male windsurfer was taking advantage of the winds at Minnis Bay, with two other boarders from a surf club when the accident happened, just before 4pm on Saturday.

With the light failing he was quickly driven more than a mile out to sea towards the Margate Hook sands.

In the end the windsurfing club’s safety boat found him and the inshore lifeboat brought him back to safety.


Anonymous said...

A lucky guy! I do not understand the relationship between the item and its title. Have I missed something?

DrMoores said...

No your'e right. I started posting another story and then realised I didn't have all the details but forgot to change the title. Thanks for letting me know!