Friday, May 04, 2007

Gone Green

I forgot to mention amid all the election excitement, that I've developed a distinctly green tinge, as you'll see from the story here.

I was over at Earl's Court exhibition centre on Tuesday, chairing something called "The Green Technology Initiative", a new forum that will become a knowledge resource for IT industry managers and directors that want to reduce the carbon footprint of their business.

Perhaps it's something we can use as an example for local government here?

Any thoughts are welcomed.


Anonymous said...

I am not really upto flying speed on IT issues but hasn't the whole development since the 50s resulted in smaller more energy efficient systems and hasn't the transformation of business etc resulted in quick speedy electronic movement rather than paper and human bodies? The solution to CO2 reduction is Nuclear energy converted to electricity. Piddling around with IT Green Forums just makes all concerned feel good. India's and China's thirst for electricity powered by fossil fuels and Indonesia's de-forestation is far more serious in terms of CO2!

Anonymous said...

Im glad to hear that you are going green.cllr now that you have been elected hopefully you can try and overturn your partys decision to discontinue the plastic recycling from all tdc tips so now that all plastic has to go into landfill.