Monday, May 14, 2007

Talking 'bout' My Generation

Diabolical weather on the approach into Thanet this afternoon. It's not often that I feel airsick as the pilot of the aircraft. So much much for May. Perhaps April was our Summer and now we are experiencing an early Autumn?

Remaining with the subject of Autumn and a neatly contrived link into the "Autumn years", here's a great YouTube video which illustrates that life most certainly begins at sixty and more!


Anonymous said...

Interesting that BBC Breakfast this morning ran two stories from Youtube; the raging BBC reporter losing all self-control with Scientologist and these 'Oldies' doing their thing! The way the 'established' media is now taking stories from the world.wide web is reflected in our own corner of the world. A comment came in on your item (which was hot off the press so to speak) about Sue's Allotment shed being burned down again, from 'Gardfahl', who now has his own blog and turns out to be Thom Morris from the Gazunder and who ran the story on Friday 11 May. He got the item fom Thanetlife who had the story first!

Amy Jones said...

Bad weather for flying,Simon but absolutely wonderful for Thanet's crops and newly planted hedgerows! We have had over an inch of rain in the past 48hrs and it was desparately needed!

Amy J.

DrMoores said...

I noticed.. I could hardly see out of the cockpit through the rain!