Saturday, May 26, 2007

Blowing Uphill

Another happy Lemming leapt over life's cliff this afternoon with a little air-suport help from a marriage proposal over Maidstone. Good luck to the happy "Jo" and "Steve" in adding to an unbroken record of saying "Yes" to the magic question.

Once I was finished, it was back into Westgate and the Linksfield road recreation ground, where the afternoon sports and fun day was taking place. Even in the dull weather, this appeared to have been a great success,with the most visible attraction being the TDC inflatable, five-a-side football pitch, with a mini soccer tournament going on. All credit to everyone involved, in particular, Tony Bailey, the Community Warden, TDC's Leisure & Sports Officer, Chris Tull and KCC Councillor, Robert Burgess. All four of us took the opportunity of having a brief discussion on improving the facilities for the local children on both sides of the Canterbury road.

I explained to one local couple who stopped me on the beach this morning, that money, or the lack of it, is the biggest challenge we are facing here and what little I am given as a ward councillor for local projects has to go a long way. This is why I'm looking to see if we can release any County money, where Cllr Burgess holds the keys for Westgate and Westbrook projects. As you can imagine, these things don't happen quickly but if we all work together as a community, local government officers and councillors, pushing the funding boulder uphill becomes a little easier I'm told.

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Anonymous said...

Most of those buildings look mid victorian - they could squeeze a lot into a small space then too