Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Basketball Anyone

I have asked the TDC leisure department to give me the costs of setting up a half-basketball court on one of the two top tennis courts at Westgate. The courts would be unaffected but it would allow local children to play the game outside school when tennis isn't being played and out of season.

I had noticed recently that with the tennis net posts removed from one of the courts for the last few months, that children have been using the space for five-a-side and for cricket practise.

Does anyone object to the idea of putting a half-court basketball space with a hoop in there if the option appears at a sensible cost. It would come out of my small local improvement budget and Cllr Goodwin has offered to contribute from his.


Anonymous said...

No objection at all, a good idea. Anything to promote sports for the young, and young at heart! Why not ask the experts in the area what the best supplier is of basketball equipment, (is there a pro team in Maidstone? there is in Brighton, why not drop them a line, you may get more than you bargain for, good pr for everyone and westgate gets something useful) Please make sure you get the right, and vandal proof, equipment and not something that is substandard, that would be very 'thanet' see the abmismal waste of money at the westgate 'skate park'... Best of luck, do it, but do it well, i know you will try.

Anonymous said...

Its an excellent idea, as basketball is so flexible in its variations depending on nets and numbers playing. You might wish to consult Ursuline Specialist Sports College about basketball kit as this sport was their specialist sport when they became a Sports College. By the way, I appreciate you leading from the front on this because although you do not mention it, the proposed court looks very close to your home? Well done! TDC could set up similar sites all round Thanet relatively inexpensively and get Youth workers involved in organising leagues and matches etc

DrMoores said...

That's a nice idea 7:44. A very long time ago, I used to coach basketball at The Charles Dickens School, which is why I thought, that given the prevalence of the game in school these days, it might be sensible to encourage it as an extra curricular activity which is very effective in keeping the kids safely occupied and out of mischief in countries like France and the USA.

If we can get one working productively in Westgate, it's certainly worth encouraging elsewhere. Let's see what the costings are and if there are any objections from the new concession holder for the tennis courts at Westgate.

Early days yet!!