Saturday, May 05, 2007

Anyone for Tennis

I'm just back from PC World at Westwood Cross, where I had to go to get some bits and pieces for the office. I took my motorcycle and if I had taken the car, I might still be in the queue which starts from Margate football ground.

Taking the "bike" is rather more dangerous than perhaps flying at tree-top level along the same route and to be honest, where local traffic is concerned, I would feel safer in the aircraft.

My first very modest effort at a local improvement has materialised, a new net to replace the one vandalised on the St Mildred's Bay tennis courts. Noticing that with only one tennis court in use on the top section, the local children are using the space for either cricket or football, I rather think that it might be a good idea to put in a basketball hoop and perhaps some facilty to use the top courts for "five-a-side" or cricket practise as well, out of season. The only equivalent is a long way away on the Linksfield road and some kind of equivalent facility on the north side of Westgate, making better use of the top tennis courts, makes some sense.

What do local people think?


Anonymous said...

Good idea as anything for our youngsters to use and enjoy makes absolute sense;'A minimis incipe' is applicable I think!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was your partys policy to sell off all local tennis courts havnt you heard of the hoot campaign

Anonymous said...

I believe their policy is only to sell off public assets (having thoroughly neglected them first of course) if they're in Ramsgate, or anywhere else that didn't vote for them.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

In future, please refer to Westwood Cross as 'Westwood Traffic Jam'.
Somehow makes more sense.
Westwood (makes drivers) Cross, could also be a more appropriate title.

I am still in wonderment at this Designer folly. It's ok as an idea... but he road calamity still remains untouched. TDC said 2 years ago that they would 'see what happens'! How much longer are they going to watch?

Tony Carpenter said...

The Jams in Thanet will soon start in Broadstairs and make a complete figure of eight around the isle - where you are in it will depend on where you started from!!

True Westgate is poorly served with amenities for youth - but if experiences in Birchington are anything to go by in recent times - the word Nimby will be written 18 feet tall (sorry that's about 6 metres in current money) across the village if anyone dare suggest some extra amenities for youth - or really anyone who still feels remotely youthful.

Tom King said...

Simon- The Thanet Local Board will be meeting at the Media centre in Margate, Tuesday 15 May and its about the time of the year for putting in for K C C grants for local projects etc. perhaps this is an ideal moment to apply for funding for something like you have suggested -see you there?

Tom King said...

Sorry Simon,i forgot the start time -its 6 30 for 7 pm

DrMoores said...

Thanks Tom.. in my diary.