Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Anyone for Tea?

My council email address has only been active for less than a week and I'm already being spammed. Given that it exists for people to email me for genuine reasons, you can imagine how peeved I am to find email like the one below.

"Dear Simon Moores

This is Valentin Bayoukansky, who is writing to You, I am the russian journalist and being a great tea-lover and its collector at tea.

Now in my collection 1495 samples of tea. (The biggest collection of Russia) Also I have made “a mosaiс tape ” ribbon with tea packages 75,5 m long and I go on doing that so far.

I would like to inform you, that I write the book "The British about tea" in which they tell about the tea predilections.

Our tea project has interested :

Her Majesty, Queen of the Great Britain Elizabeth II, and the Prime Minister Mr Blair, and the Mr Michael Howard - Leader of the Conservative Party, and the Defence Procurement Minister Lord Drayson, and the Lord Corbett of Castle Vale, and the Mr David Bintley CBE Director Birmingham Royal Ballet, and the Mr Ken Hensley the singer .........

Please, support our project and send us answers to the following two questions for book:

1) Can You remember anything, interesting events in Your personal or public life connected with tea?

2) What images and thoughts arise in Your mind when You hear the word “tea” ?

I shall be happy if You will answer me.

With the deepest respect Valentin Bayoukansky. "

Ed: it goes on a bit and I can't imagine how both Tony Blair and Michael Howard became involved. Perhaps some of our readers would like to send him a suitable reply to add to his tea encylopaedia?

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Rubbing shoulders with some excellent company.... I'd love to join... but I only drink Coffee!