Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Wobble to the Left

With the local elections just around the corner, the parties are now looking for air support but it won't be here in Thanet. I've been tasked with organising two days on May 2nd and 3rd with Airads sitting over Southampton and Portsmouth for six hours , each day, with a banner to encourage the voters.

Now if you try flying in circles for six hours at a time, you'll find that on landing, there's a distinct tendency to wobble to the left, rather than vote to the right!

Here's a photograph from the last General Election, when the election team from the Labour Party and Home Secretary, Dr John Reid, joined Airads as we flew around the country. - It's the old aircraft.


Anonymous said...

Are you able to fly around Westgate with a "VOTE MOORES" banner and if so when will you do it?

DrMoores said...

That's a nice idea! But possibly not. More likely to be "Vote Conservative" or "Vote for Blackadder"