Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Wish List for Westgate?

The local election materials should be printed today - at last - which give a quick "blurb" on what prospective and sitting councillors would like to do for their wards.

From what I've been reading, there's a danger of it all sounding like the wait for a grand general election manifesto, when instead, it involves a more modest but rewarding role in working to improve conditions for everyone in the local community at often the most basic level, such as wheelie bins.

The strict rules of an election, I understand, prevent me form writing anything like a manifesto online, so I'm compiling a "wish list" for Westgate, regardless of who wins in the local elections. Here's as good a place as any for Westgate residents to note down or discuss, what they would like to see in improvements with help from their elected representatives after May.

Money is of course a fundamental challenge in funding any new initiatives in Thanet but if you don't make a bid for what might be available, then you won't see much in the way of change.

Here are some of my own ideas for improvement but I'm happy to be directed by others:

* St Mildred's Bay toilets need to re-painted. At present they are an eyesore to any visitors.

* We need a pedestrian crossing on Westgate Bay Ave, preferably near the surgery to allow the elderly to cross safely and also school children as the road is increasingly a busy "rat run" in the morning for traffic avoiding the Canterbury road.

* Zero tolerance to beach litter in the summer months. The council made some great improvements last summer but we need more rubbish bins available and collected during the hot weekends.

* Security and anti-social behaviour in the village. What can be achieved on top of what is being done now to make less prone to vandalism in the evenings?

* The Community centre, can money be found for improvements?

* Wheelie bins and rubbish collections. It's a hot topic and will become hotter still as the temperature warms.

I could go on and I'm bound to miss issues that concern others, so please add any you can think of.


Anonymous said...

1. SMB Toilets,yes.
2. Yes for pedestrian crossing but also on Canterbury Road outside Ursuline/Ethelberts and a 20mph limit outside our 2 schools. Does KCC value our kids?
3. Yes to litter collection. Those nice young lads in red shorts and yellow tops could spend less time ogling scantily clad young ladies and litter picking could be included in job spec without decreasing their life-saving function!
4. Have the police and various cheap alternatives we have in their place,actually on the job in the evenings rather than strolling around in the day chatting to law abiding shopkeepers and passing geriatrics like myself. Day shifts are not what is needed.
5. If TDC can spend £350,000 acquiring Theatre Royal then it can find smaller sums to spend on the Community Centre, surely?
6. We need a glass collection system as well. As the specific paper run is wound down as wheelies are wheeled out all over the Isle, turn it into a glass collection instead.

7. Please ask TDC why the display of daffodils in the central reservation boxes on the Canterbury Road didn't happen this year and what are the plans to plant them this spring; either use or remove, as empty green boxes makes us look 3rd World!
8. Can tired and faded plastic hanging baskets be removed in the autumn? They were left out all winter and Global warming has not reached the stage yet for this to be the norm. On second thoughts can we get rid of the b****y plastic and have the real thing.

9. Could we have the occasional police traffic team not only on Canterbury Road but on Westgate Bay Avenue to catch and apprehend speeding youngsters in the evenings and late at night. The poor guy at the Westbrook end has lost his wall, yet again,despite the sturdy bollards put in. I have been passed by cars doing 70+ as they hurtle the 'back-way' to Margate!

10. Do you see yourself in a few years time as Thanet Norths MP? On second thoughts thats unfair as you are sensibly not commenting until the first week in May.

Anonymous said...

anon again!
How about re-homing those rubbish containers directly in front of the open elements, to a less wind affected site! Then there wouldn't be all the newspapers & plastic bags all the way to Westbrook!

purple pumpernickle said...

security;-what security? nothing is being done at all, just how does cctv help someone who's being attacked? all this policing on the cheap will do is record some poor soul's plight,it does not deterr the action.That is if there is any cctv in the first place which in Westgate's case there is'nt. Most people would like to see the return of beat police especially at night,i for one would'nt mind paying a little more in council tax to fund them .