Tuesday, April 17, 2007

White Funnel - Blackadder

I see that we have picked-up 1001 new readers over the last seven days, so welcome and please feel free to contribute to the conversations threads. My only request is that everyone remembers the "polite society" policy in place on this weblog which gives everyone a comfortable environment to participate in if they wish to.

A little nostalgia in the image, to remind us of the time when Margate and Ramsgate were enough of a holiday destination to warrant day trips to France.

Mind you, Margate had a pier at the time too!

With news that David Miliband - the younger - has decided not to take on Gordon Brown for the Presidency and a local election around the corner, I'm reminded of the Blackadder election sketch. Any resemblance to real characters seeking election is purely coincidental.


stuart said...

not very many of the 1001 readers have left comments. perhaps they don't have keyboards!

DrMoores said...

Rather than attempting to make mischief here or elsewhere Stuart, try refer back to the classic lesson involving Baldric counting the beans!

These are "First Time" visitors according to the reporting software as opposed to "Returning Visitors" or "Impressions"

Does that help you a little?

Anonymous said...

An interesting poster about the "no passport" day trips to France.
How things have changed, we still have "no passport trips" but they are one way and end in Cliftonville via Dover FROM France.
In case that's a little too subtle I am of course referring to the illegal economic immigrants, or should I say refugees?

Anonymous said...

This country has always accepted "illegal economic migrants". If we didn't there'd wouldn't be much of Britain left.

Simon. Margate has always had a pier and still does. It was the jetty that was blown down in 1978.

DrMoores said...

I thought the long wooden structure sticking out in the sea with amusements on - like the ones at Brighton and Southend, was called a pier in the seaside vernacular?

I stand corrected!

Anonymous said...

in the library archives the pier was lost in 1978.we still have a jetty!.

Anonymous said...

Is that Cllr Green standing in the background of Blackadder's election? - A Ramsgate Voter

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.41 - you posted

"This country has always accepted "illegal economic migrants". "

Perhaps you could illustrate that bald statemnent for me with some facts?

I didn't think econoimic migration was illegal until fairly recently, there seemed to be an easy flow of people from one country to another in the "old" days, that is the days before national insurance numbers and passports which are both a fairly recent invention.

stuart said...

Not trying to cause mischief Simon, but I don't believe your figures for 1 minute! ;)

DrMoores said...

In my position I don't tell lies on my weblog Stuart..unlike others.