Sunday, April 22, 2007

Whisper Jet

If Ramsgate residents find the Oasis 747 doing training circuits around Manston noisy, then try living on the Caribbean island of St Maarten. They have to keep their heads down when they are walking their dogs along the beach.


Anonymous said...

Yes well we don't live in a third world country do we? Consequently there are rules that are meant to be governing Manston, it's just Tory TDC haven't bothered implementing them, and Infratil therefore have carte blanche to do what they like.

Roll on Ramsgate getting it's own council, and getting tough on this blight on a beautiful town.

Anonymous said...

I am not clued-up on the exact economic benefits to the Isle resulting from 'circuits & bumps' training. All I know is that a dozen passes at a time pollutes the atmosphere and provides the same noise pollution as 12 landings and 12 take-offs. If we actually had 12 flights landing and taking off with people or freight, employment opportunities for Thanet people would be available. Why are we poor residents of Ramsgate having to suffer such noise for so little benefit?

Anonymous said...

anon again!

Manston IS an Airport - planes do tend to take off & land....
so why do the idiots move to live near there.... then complain?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear!

Party politics taking a role in ramsgate.

Of Course aeroplanes take off and land at Manston.

Ask the people of Ramsgate who work at Manston what they would like to see!

Whether it be Ramsgate First, Labour, Ukip, or the Conservatives,

We all want a thriving economy, not just some sad people who thought thanet was a retirement home with piped tv and a boring life.

We have to live in a multi age community, with 'noisey' kids. young folk with their party's , and oldies with their gripes,

Oh come on GET A LIFE

Tony said...

I work nights and live directly under the flight path, and the Oasis plane never woke me. I get woken more by lawnmowers and DIYers with hammers and drills.

Anonymous said...

Could I pick up on 10.03s point. Let's imagine for a moment that because Manston is not yet a thriving freight or passenger airport that pilot-training for circuits and bumps is a good use for it. No extra ground jobs for Thanet and expansion of our local economy; just big aircraft from airlines throughout the UK and elsewhere training rookie pilots in approach/touch-down/ lift off and all the time flying around in circles creating a noise and pollution nuisance? Is that what you all want because that's what we seem to be getting?

Anonymous said...

Manston may be great for planespotters like you, Dr Moores, but the rest of us prefer to live in the real world rather than some kerosene-induced nostalgic haze.

The fact is that airports like Manston are contributing to the death of our planet, and the airport is a dead duck commercially anyway, as bankrupt EUJet and cancelled Virginia flights have proven.

The people who work there, and our council tax, would be better employed building a wind farm at Manston, benefitting our local as well as our global environment, and contributing a whole lot more to regeneration than this pointless, polluting strip of concrete.

DrMoores said...

If it's a dead duck, why are there more ducks flying from there of late and more jobs being created?

Like it or not, Britain needs more big airport facilities and at least with freight Manston is making a contribution to the local economy and I agree, adding to global warming too but tell that to the Chinese who are oerning a new coal fired power station every ten days it appears!

Anonymous said...

8:47 wonder if you fly or have flown. Have you contributed to the so called death of our planet? The green agenda is a self propelled self serving event. The earth isn't dying and mankind over estimates it's ability to kill it. It will kill us before we kill it. Besides where were all the aircraft 500 years a go when we went through a similar phase of heating up. I agree it best to reduce emissions as much as possible, it isn't a bad thing, but I hate fanatical greens telling me what to do before they fly off to their next green conference.