Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Two Men Charged with Fifth Ave Murder

Kent Online reports that two men charged with the murder of a 44-year-old Alan Parker in Cliftonville, last month have been remanded in custody until June 18.

Duncan Shelbourne,44, of Dalby Square, Cliftonville and Kyle Lesley Eames, 21, of no fixed address, appeared before Maidstone Crown Court on Monday. Alan Parker died from multiple head injuries after being found in public toilets at Fifth Avenue,on March 29th.


Anonymous said...

I'm not quite sure what has happened to the rest of the law enforcement here in Margate area recently, no traffic wardens or community wardens to be found.
I think you could park illegally with impunity at the moment here.
A few police looking for antisocial behaviour and prersenting visible policing around Cliftonville as part of a "reassure the public" bid after the recent murders.
Without community wardens the kids are getting out of hand again, skip set on fire in the council car park in Harold Rd Cliftonville today lunchtime, fire sevice put it out.
Lots of gangs around hanging out on Northdown Rd.

Anonymous said...

There is never any enforcement of illegal parking on Friday and Saturday nights on Marine Terrace, even when parking is on zig-zags. If this is a TDC responsibility could we have wardens put onto the job? I resent the fact that I had to go all the way to an Independent Adjudicator after finding it impossible to put money into the machine in Cecil Sq last October and had ticket within 8 mins! Meanwhile cars sit on marine Terrace with impugnity, deliberately illegally parked!

stuart said...

Yes, you two. You're right. That is kind of like getting murdered.

Anonymous said...

Thing is Stuart you can't actually start a thread here so sometimes people get a bit off the point but on a subject which is in some slight way allied to the original topic - ie law enforcement in this case .
If its of interest then who cares?

And I am a firm believer that if people get the impression there is no effective law enforcement in an area then increasingly worse crimes occur, culminating in this case with several murders.

Its like disciplining children, you have to set boundaries.

Otherwise we have anarchy.

Anonymous said...

The clean-up of serious crime in New York was initiated by a policy of 'zero-toleration' of any crime, however petty. No-one is suggesting that murder is comparable with illegal parking but tolerating it and a host of other petty crimes, is tantamount to allowing lawlessness to grow on our streets. We should therefore not be surprised when more serious offences occur on a regular basis. Thanet is crying out for effective visible policing, not policing to meet Home Office targets.