Sunday, April 01, 2007

Trove Court Waterfall

News in that the Trove Court tower in Ramsgate had to be evacuated yesterday evening because of a major water leak from the roof tank which flooded the building.

If you have any updates on this story or photos, please send them along.


Anonymous said...

I trust we will not have more of the 'great unwashed' on our streets as a result of this calamity.

Cllr David Green said...

Cascade of water on Saturday following a burst pipe led to complete failure of electrical systems including the lifts.
By Saturday afternoon, all residents were evecuated either to Council premises in Ramsgate or local hotels.
My thanks to Council officers and local hoteliers who responded.
By Sunday morning, tenants were accomodated at the Winter Gardens while their medical needs were dealt with and pets ect seen to.
Following Sunday Lunch, Council Officers arranged more perminent accomodation. The building has been made secure and patrols organised. It is thought that it will be two days before tenants will be able to return.

Michael Child said...

The three-inch asbestos pipe supplying water to the tank on the roof split lengthwise, presumably there is also one in Kennedy House waiting to split. I don’t think the problems of huge buildings that are not made from traditional building materials can ever be solved economically. We, the taxpayers pick up the tab, all of us the social and environmental problems, Trove Court, Turner centre, Pleasurama Development, Westwood Cross.