Saturday, April 14, 2007

Trees for Thanet

Chaz writes:

"Whilst browsing through the idiocy on certain other thanet blogs, I happened across a new entry on the Thanet blog list, "Trees for Thanet".

It appears that this is the same bunch of youngsters and their adult helpers who have been working on the Manston Road earlier this year.

Their blog appears to be developing as a diary, of their ten years of planting, and is quite an interesting read, as well as an incredible achievement! It also shows the development of the huge amount of hedgerows that they have planted.

As a follow up to youngsters doing something useful for once, any chance that you could give them a plug on Thanetlife?"

Ed: Certainly, here it is


Amy Jones said...

Thanks for the publicity, Dr Moores. I have been asked by the Trees for Thanet Group to produce a history on a web-blog from their written diary and am doing my best!

The Group has been working around Thanet for 11 years and has involved over 300 young people in that time. They are celebrating the end of their 10th planting season next Saturday (21st April) and Roger Gale MP has kindly agreed to interrupt canvassing and come and plant a cherry-tree to mark the occasion. So, if your readers see a gathering going on next Saturday close to the Manston Road/Woodchurch Road junction, that's what its about! Hope your canvassing won't be interrupted for too long!

Amy J

Anonymous said...

Thank you Amy Jones and your young team for working to make the countryside around Thanet a nicer place. I for one appreciate the work being done.

sue said...

Lovely. Good work. Need some positive news from de yoof.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff.trees are magical and heartening to see the youths having a positive take on this.the more positive you put in the more rewarding it is.great.