Monday, April 16, 2007

The Sizzle in the Digital Sausage

Kent Online reports that plans by Kent County Council to establish its own internet-based TV station are to cost at least £1.2million.

County councillors are expected to back a two-year pilot scheme. But it has emerged the full costs - some of which KCC says it will recoup through advertising and sponsorship - for running the service will be £1.2million over the two years.

A further £200,000 is to be spent by KCC setting up the station, which will be available to broadband subscribers.

A spokesman confirmed KCC would be underwriting the full costs of Kent TV but stressed the council had already had "significant interest" in sponsorship and that whoever ran the service would be expected to generate income.

Ed: You know my views on this, having been a Director of one of the first London digital TV projects, DKTV. I predict it will be more expensive than anticipated and that viewing figures will be below expectation. We already have Direct.Gov and one of the problems faced by any online government service is attracting visitors or as one of my previous colleagues at the Cabinet Office said, "without the sizzle in the sausage, people won't come."

Once again, If KCC need an opinion from someone who's actually built such a thing in the past and can offer an independent sanity check, please ask.


Anonymous said...

It is not the job of a Local Authority to spend tax-payers money in this manner. Another case of a Tory administration at local level aping its Labour Westminster masters at frivolously wasting tax-payers hard earned money. KCC should no better or is there really no difference between Labour and Conservative anymore?

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree.