Saturday, April 14, 2007

56 Bus Route Saved

Thanet's 56 Bus service route will be reintroduced. The news follows a meeting between Thanet's top Tories, Laura Sandys and Roger Gale, the Leader of Kent County Council, Paul Carter and the County's transport supremo, KCC cabinet member Keith Ferrin.

This meeting yesterday followed a gathering that Laura Sandys organised on the 56 bus route on 29th March with Cllr Bill Hayton and David Lawson, and she wants to thank all those who came along, and those who sent letters to Roger Gale and her in support of the route.

Following the meeting yesterday Laura Sandys said:

“The public’s concerns have been heard and KCC responded with speed and action to ensure that the 56 service will be resumed as soon as is possible. "

Ed: A good result then from Laura, whether you happen to be Blue, Red, Green or Grey! I wonder what else we can save around Thanet. Suggestions please?


tony flaig bignews said...

Any danger, this crowd could address the issue of wasting my money, on Kent's Tory scheme to launch, their own TV Channel with my tax payers money.

The No. 56 is a big deal hooray also will they now attempt to claw back the 8 million wasted on the Turner whilst their in a sorting things out mood.

Is their an election comming up???

Anonymous said...

Although I am a Tory supporter Tony, I have to agree with you concerning KCC TV and the non-existent TC that cost £7,000,000?

Yes, there is an election coming, my postal vote cards were put through the letterbox today!