Sunday, April 22, 2007

Reason Number 226

If you want to see all 226 reason why the new army of council tax inspectors can enter your home, you can find it avalable for download, here.

Although Ministers insist that the planned council tax revaluation is on hold until after the next General Election, Government inspectors are quietly continuing to build up a database on every home in England and Wales.

This will include detailed information about the condition of the property and its internal and external area. It will also take into account location and proximity to golf courses (and beaches?).

This means that when Labour in the shape of Prime Minister Brown, announces its expected overhaul of local taxation, much of the data needed to draw up new council tax bands will already be stored on Government computers.

Ed: Oh, and in case you missed it in the detail, each one of us now will face a routine tax inspection every seven years on average. Something to look forward to I'm sure. A new life in Australia looks more attractive with every day that passes!


Anonymous said...

Mr Snooks paper argues a good case for a Reform Bill to control all 226 entry provisions and 'A Day in The Life' section is amusing and scary! Thanks, Doc.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

There was a similar Army of Inspectors in action Germany in 1937!
Ge-Sta-Po! (Geheim Stadts Polizei)

I'm all for giving jobs a title, like TWiT (Traffic Warden in Thanet).

So, Sta-Se-Poli, seemed passabley acronymious!

Mr Friday said...

Bit naughty and misleading with this story Dr M.

The "powers" which are given to valuation staff or their agents to enter homes were granted before the Council Tax first came in in 1993. Since that date every time someone applies for building regs to build conservatories, extensions etc details are passed to the Valuation Office who are able to take it into account in revising Council Tax valuations whenever occupation changes (but not whilst the current resident is still there)

Most of us would, I think, agree that some type of Council Tax revaluation is long overdue considering the last one brought in before the Council Tax was in 1991. Yes properties are worth more now but this is all relative and the bands in any new arrangement would be higher too. My personal view is that only those people living in the highest bands "G" & "H" would have much to worry about. Don't forget that people paying business rates are revalued every 5 years.

So, the current situation is just what has been happening since the early 90s when the Conservatives were in power.

Don't get me wrong - I am certainly no friend of the Labour party and my political views are well known to anyone who reads my posts on here but I think sometimes the facts deserve an outing.

As always, feel free to disagree everyone !

Anonymous said...

Mr Friday, at present trends, my Council Tax will gobble up half my state pension in 10 years time. What we are crying out for is local taxation based on the ability to pay so that everyone in the community contributes; quite simple one would have thought. What purpose is revaluation when the very system is flawed?

Mr Friday said...

I'm not sure the system is flawed. No-one was against the princile of the Council Tax when it was first introduced because the rates charged were much lower compared to people's income. So, it isn't the design that is wrong, it is the fact that the burden has grown too high compared to income.

The problem in recent years is a Government who constantly underfund Local Government and place such burdens on it that the only way to raise the necessary money is via Council Tax. Forget the nonsense Gordon Brown comes out with about "record deals for Local Government" - all the real increases are ringfenced for education and health - therefore leaving councils such as Thanet in a difficult situation.

Also remember that about 80% of the Council Tax charged goes straight to KCC - fantastic accountability that is, they just tell the local councils to colect their money and the local councul get all the stick for the increases !!

DrMoores said...

Your point is entirely correct Mr Friday but just because prices have gone up by a factor of 5 should council tax rise proportionately when wages haven't?

People I talk to while I'm canvassing the poorer parts of town are really struggling at the moment, the elderly in particular. If this government re-rates, it will be a disaster for all and most of all for the poorest among us I suspect

Anonymous said...

anon again!
Mr Friday 6:47PM
"No-one was against the principle of the Council Tax when it was first introduced because the rates charged were much lower compared to people's income".

Sir, I beg to differ to your message. It was called Pole Tax, or Head Tax, and there were many understandable riots in trying to get it barred before it started.
It is and will remain the biggest RIP OFF that the Conservatives ever introduced. It is an even bigger rip off now, as the foundations have rotted and are dissappearing rapidly.
a, In the days when it was introduced to take over "Rates", you could depend on the Police.
b, Your rubbish was emptied every week - not every two weeks as now.
c, My first Pole Tax was £150...I am now forking out over £1000, for less "services" than ever before.
As said.... it is the Governments biggest "Rip Off", doesn't matter whether they are Lab - Con - Lib Dem.
Bring back the "Rates" and drop the "Rip Off" tax & I will vote for you!

Anonymous said...

Seems the elderly (depending upon circumstances) can get away with paying no council tax. From TDC website: 'You may get up to 100% reduction in your council tax depending on your income, personal circumstances and the Council Tax Band of your property.'
Not really fair in an area where so many old people live and those of us who work, pay NI to pay their pensions have seen our bills rise and rise. Plenty of whinging oldies sitting in houses they bought for £7000 50 years a go and complaining they haven't got any money. Ever heard of downsizing? (p/s: can we keep old people off the road until after 09:00 whilst the rest of us try to get to work? Driving at 30 in a 60 limit isn't on)

A whinging oldie said...

The elderly who made no provision for their old-age and exist on the basic pension can get their 100% rebate, but God help you if your income is above Brown's minimum pension guarrantee.
My advice to my children is now 'pay rent'; spend all your money and have a good time; borrow other people's (bank's) money and don't pay it back(go personally bankrupt)to have an even better time and in your working life, despite having earned in 40 years(and spent)almost £1,000,000 at today's prices, make sure you have nothing when you get to 65.

Why should I give this advice? Simply because Brown has made it the better option over a life-time to do this. There is no account taken in the socialist benefits system of how much you earned in your life-time and what you decided to do with it unless you saved it; bought a house; paid into separate pensions etc and then of course you are filthy rich and can carry on paying taxes!

As for you,9.22, what an unpleasant person you appear to be with such ageist comments. My only thought for you to consider is that there are only two possible certainties you can count on in your future life; either you will become ' a whinging oldie' like those who you seem to be so offensive about OR you will suffer an untimely death. I wish you the former and hope to be around when your idea of moving around Thanet quickly is breaking into a shuffle behind your zimmer-frame.