Friday, April 20, 2007

Postal Vote Problems

Plans for the local elections in two weeks have been thrown into chaos and the results could be delayed for days because of widespread problems with new postal voting software.

Up to 100 councils are experiencing difficulties with software to scan millions of postal votes after new anti-fraud legislation. In some areas the systems have not even arrived.

The problems could lead to votes being discarded in error or false votes counted because the scanning equipment failed to work properly.

Most town halls are sending out postal ballot forms today. Electoral staff said they were crossing their fingers that they could read them electronically when the results start coming in after the ballot on May 3.

Ed: Recalling the 'alleged' postal vote fraud that happened last time in a number of inner city Labour consituencies it would be nice if the technology worked this time.


Cllr Ken Gregory said...

Of course postal voting was made available to the wider population by this gavernment to try to increase the 'turnout'. The reason for this was that Labour does better with a high turnout.

I use postal voting because, on poll day,I am usually busy taking those who wish to vote in person, to the polling station.

Yes ther is a problem with fraud, but in proportion to the numbers who vote it is small. No good moaning, get out and win by a landslide, then no amount of fraud can influence the result (except in North Korea and similar countries)

Cllr Ken Gregory said...

Sorry I misspelt Government

Anonymous said...

Takernment not Gavernment!!

Anonymous said...

With 'Buggins Brown' are you sure its not 'Grabamint' thats runnng the country?