Friday, April 20, 2007

Pay-Up or....?

Reportedly, half the people given on-the-spot fines by police in Kent are not paying up. I wonder if anyone knows what the ratio for Thanet is?

Police can issue a fine of either £50 or £80 for anti-social behaviour offences and offenders have 21 days in which to pay, after which the matter is referred to magistrates' court.

However Kent Police figures show that of 7,537 fines or Penalty Notices for Disorder (PNDs) issued in 2006, only 3,769 were paid within the 21-day period. During 2005, police issued 5,150 PNDs, of which 2,690 were paid.

Ed: This statistic doesn't sound very impressive to me and with the courts overworked, it's possibly another example of a group within society not being pursued, because it's too much trouble and cost to enforce the law. I would love to know, for example, how many people have been fined by our local dog wardens and paid-up?


Anonymous said...

You might be able to find out under the Freedom of Information Act?
On a different but allied subject I posted on another thread here a day or two ago and wondered where the Community and Traffic wardens were in Margate as they seemed to be conspicuous by their absence.
Well the answer is that they were helping in another attempt to rid Thanet of untaxed and dumped cars.
I "caught" about 6 of them redhanded in Cliftonville clustered around a hapless vehicle, writing notes, filming with a camcorder and hauling it up on a removal truck.
Its amazing how new some of the cars are that people leave untaxed and lose.
However if you have a foreign registered vehicle and leave it rotting on the street even in dangerous condition it is totally safe from these guys - they told me they can't touch them.

Anonymous said...

Its essentially the mainly law-abiding who pay their parking fines etc. The scroats have long realised, as a result of a life-time of ineffective punishmennt at home, school and in adult life, that the probability of a punishment that actually hurts is highly un-likely and worth the risk. A quick birching or a quick two week sentence to be served in the local nick and dished out by the local magistrate, the following morning after an offence is the only way to rein in a whole raft of petty lawlessness that blights our streets.

Nethercourt said...

Quote 'punishment that actually hurts is highly un-likely'

Impossible is more like it!
The worst they can expect is a few weeks of 'table-tennis and Tricia' and that, only for persistent court appearance.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

I wonder if Mr Ezekiel will be fined for his outrageous attacks on the Mayor & the other Guests at that Civic Reception last week?....

Anonymous said...

If the report in the Thanet Gazette can be believed Sandy Ezekiel has endured taunts and snide remarks about his Jewish heritage from the other parties involved.
This is clearly unacceptable and everyone has his breaking point.
Personally I feel Sandy has been very restrained, I would have lasted about 10 seconds before retorting in kind against the "old boy network" politicians who initiated this insulting behaviour.
I guess thats why I am not a politician.

Good on you Sandy, stand up for what is right against these bigots like the Mayor has been reported to be.

Sooner these oldtimer Cllrs are gone the better, look what they have done to Thanet.

At least Sandy has a vision for Thanet which, if it is successful, will make it a decent place again.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:49pm hits the bullseye. My thoughts exactly. As a similar example what will happen if and when they introduce charges for the amount of domestic waste? Who will pay? It will be the law abiding and the honest as usual. The dirtbags and scoundrels will be allowed to get away with it because they are too difficult to pursue. The only bright note is the NuLabour project is starting to come unravelled, but will a new government be able to sort out the mess? Personally I doubt it. I think we will all pay a high price for the Blair years.