Saturday, April 07, 2007

One to Watch

Tony Blair took the battle for votes further into cyberspace yesterday, as he launched the Labour Party's "channel" on the video-sharing website YouTube.

The move is reported in the Sunday Papers as a sign of how important the internet has become to political parties. Conservative leader David Cameron has been making his pitch to cybervoters for a while at

In an attempt to catch up, Mr Blair promised a new, unvarnished way of learning about Labour on the Labourvision "channel" and along with ECR TV and ThanetLife it may yet present a challenge to conventional political broadcasting!

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Anonymous said...

I do not know why our Leader and Buggins Brown feel the need to go to You Tube. GMTV and bimbo Fiona seem to be their favourite media outlet whilst they assiduously avoid a more serious grilling on BBC 2 Newsnight and Channel 4 News.