Wednesday, April 04, 2007

No Idiots Please

Bournemouth Borough Council has apologised for banning "lunatics, idiots, deaf and dumb" people from standing for election.

An election pack stated that "lunatics and idiots" and "deaf and dumb persons" were disqualified from standing.

Matt Pitcher, electoral services officer, said it was a mistake and that the terms were taken directly from election law dating back to 1766.

"Of course such language is certainly not acceptable today," he added.

"The terminology" he said, "was used as part of our election pack to candidates was unfortunately taken directly from a piece of election law which dates from 1766 but is still current today."

Ed: I wonder if.....?


Anonymous said...

"....which of these categories fits me?" Loved the item; good to see English quaintness from a pre PC world!

Chris Wells said...

OK I will say what everybody is thinking...nominations for these categories from among the current crop of councillors, please...

Cllr David Green said...

Wikipedia says "Idiot" was originally used in ancient Greek city-states to refer to people who were overly concerned with their own self-interest and ignored the needs of the community. "Idiots" were seen as having bad judgment in public and political matters.

So if the cap fits Chris?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm..happen you think the cap would not fit you then cllr green.on the other hand your head is far to big for it to fit!