Friday, April 13, 2007

No Frills Please

Michael O'Leary, the chief executive of Ryanair, said yesterday he was planning to bring his no-frills approach to transatlantic flights, offering one-way tickets from less than £7.

With Heathrow and Gatwick working to capacity and expensive for operators and Stanstead and Luton becoming even busier, one might have thought that an opportunity exists somewhere on the horizon for a sound commercial 'hub' deal with Manston, using one of the 'No frills' operators?

Can we learn from EUjet and Cosmos and actually make a business case for Manston or is its future simply one of cargo and engineering?

What do you think?


tony flaig bignews said...

You don't think that 7 pounds a flight to america is possibly a cheap publicity stunt, do you?

I reckon these budget airlines will have difficulty improving much on what is available in the market now, given the choice of UA, Virgin, BA etc where you get free drinks entertainment why bother saving a few quid, particularly when with a host of charges the price goes back to that of a proper firm.

I've no experience of Ryan but easyjet for 6 or 7 hours no-way!

Anonymous said...

Different aircraft would have to be used compared to shorthaul, hopefully with better seat pitch.
One way tickets present a particular problem to the USA as a visa would have to held by the purchaser if they didn't have a prebooked return.
As a frequent traveller transatlantic I'm all for it, but yes, £7 is not a real long term price.

Anonymous said...

Maybe O'Leary could have a chat with someone at county hall they seem everso helpful

Doctor Doom said...

The idea of London Manston as a competitive rival to other existing airports, while no doubt ever so appealing to travellers who live in the area, faces one insurmountable problem: it is in Thanet.

Even for those who live in east Kent the journey to Manston is a dire one served by only one remotely decent road. Why would anyone from outside Kent, or indeed west Kent, want to virtually drive PAST major access routes to Gatwick, Heathrow and Stanstead to come to Manston?

And what sort of service will they get when they arrive? Will the marginally quicker check-in and luggage retrieval at Manston in any way compensate for missing out on the "Gatwick Village" experience or its equivalent at the other main London airports?

Air-travel and airport services are part and parcel of the holiday experience. The average traveller will spend probably three hours or more at an airport before embarkation. What range of amusements, refreshments and shopping diversions can Manston possibly offer to make anyone from beyond Kent want to drive past Gatwick or Heathrow and spend an extra hour stick in roadworks trying to get to Manston?

And where on earth would all these hundreds of new customers park their cars?