Saturday, April 07, 2007

Near Miss

Remember the story a few months ago about an Eagle or equivalent size Vulture loose over Thanet?

Well it's true, because I almost hit it - whatever it is - and even mentioned it to Manston ATC, who quipped that it "wasn't talking to them at the time."

Very droll but it's large and brown/red-coloured and roaming somewhere over Whistable!


Anonymous said...

Was it circling on rising thermal or flapping along? We have a growing red-kite population but this sounds bigger!

Anonymous said...

There were a pair of Common Buzzards which had young last year near the Roman Galley. One of the offspring was hanging around Acol / Minster last winter though I haven't seen it recently. For people not used to seeing large birds of prey they are often described as "eagles" they are not really that substantial, but still a large bird nonetheless. It could also be a Marsh Harrier as they are pretty big and red/brown in colour.