Friday, April 27, 2007

Millionaires Welcome

It came as a shock to me too but the latest "Property hotspot prediction" for a seaside town, is, well, Margate, predicted to be one of the newest property hotspots in the UK this summer and a top destination for tourists.

"Estate agents in London say while the town has some of the cheapest accommodation in the South East – the average price per house is £176,000 – it is rapidly increasing in value.

Its seaside location is attractive to people looking to relocate to larger homes – and those wanting weekend second properties which can also be rented out to holidaymakers.

In the travel business predictions are for an increase in visitors as more people are attracted to a traditional British holiday."

The travel agent waxes lyrical about Margate's many attractions:

"Margate’s beach is one of the most beautiful in the South East and will soon be within easy reach of London."

“Even now travel times are not too bad", he says, "Then there is the Turner Centre."

“Once in operation it will attract many visitors and they will want to see the landscapes that influenced one of Britain’s most famous artists.”

Quite obviously Ramsgate is now either overpriced or not up to the job of being the new Monaco of the South-east and Margate will now be invaded by BBC and Channel 4 property programmers with an eye for a smart and upcoming seaside town.

Either that or.. well I'll leave the comments to you!


Anonymous said...

anon again!

Just wondered if anyone saw 'Tonight's feature on St. Ives in Cornwall. They built a 'Tate' Gallery there, and this has brought a dying old wreck town (Thanet similarity!)back to life.
Perhaps this sort of Gallery would be a better idea for Thanet, instead of directing it at one particular Artist.
Blackpool had a massive 'Roller Coaster' that went way out over the sea... we have the natural facilities to build something like this too! (cliff's by the Cop Shop).
A good idea?
Not only would it please the Arty Folk, but also anyone with kids!
And while you're at it... let's have a Big Wheel 'Thanet Eye' on the end of the Pier.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:35 - the Turner gallery is not "directed" at one particular artist, it is simply named after one - the actual content will be mostly contemporary art.

Anonymous said...

The turner gallery i believe will hose a variety of well as contemporary they will exibitions of old masters.also they want to involve childen so there is going to be lots of educational stuff as well.good i cant wait.and yes i feel i am lucky to live here in margate the sunsets are amazing,miles of fantastic beaches to walk on fabulous sunshine and lovely breakfasts in the cafes in the harbour bars.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.35 I am pleased that someone has the income and spare time to enjoy what Margate has to offer,unfortunately I find I have to work so many hours for low pay in Thanet that I never get the time to go on the beach or do anything else enjoyable.
I need to stop working and go on the dole, then maybe my quality of life would improve, or at least get my income from somewhere outside Thanet.

Anonymous said...

St Ives had an artistic community devloping there long before the gallery. Our problem is trying to develop the same concept 'top down' rather than 'bottom up'. The problem about the Turner Contemporary is that it has been driven by the professional arty crowd ( all supported by Government subsidy) rather than a sound commercial director. They have as a result squandered a fortune £6 million + and appear to have no shame about it. TC will sadly be a commercial failure to be subsidised by the council tax payers of Margate for years to come. It is not the answer to the problem. All TDC has to do is encourage businesses in Margate and concentrate on improving the area for Thanet people. When we have a nice town and maintained sea-side services,people will come. The current scene of neglect, decay , no toilets, run down gardens, boarded up shops and a miserable unattractive harbour jetty wall, made worse by a tacky paint job is not an attractive one.

Anonymous said...

anon 12.44.i really take exeption to your comments.i work full time and some weekends to pay my morgage,bills etc.however i value my time here on this planet so i go for early morning works BEFORE work and on my one day off to enjoy our wonderful coastline.i am in my fifties and have worked all my life.a bit presumptious of you to think i freeload dont you think?

Anonymous said...

Don't be so prickly 3.21! 12.44s comment is valid for him and he is not implying you are a free-loader. he is probably envious that you can manage to do what he cannot. I agree with you about how lucky we are to live and work down here in Thanet. Despite the critical attitudes we make about inmproving the place, what the natural world gives us for free is pretty good!

Anonymous said...

I'm a newcomer to Margate. I've moved here from an area of east london that was successfully regenerated by developing culture. Margate, excuse the pun, is a great canvas and has such natural beauty. Why spoli it with plastic amusements on the beach and seafront. In europe they don't need to do this. What's wrong with good food, a nice drink and a view? Can't kids play on the beach without a tonne of inflatable plastic? Amusements and bad food are not an attraction to many people who would spend money in the area. They're a turn off. Look at how Whitstable grabs the weekend oyster eating crowd. What is there for the same tourists to do in Margate? My intention is to work towards enjoying living and working in the area. If Margate has a future with tourism attached, I think it must move towards supporting quality short stay (weekends to three days). Develop better shops and restaurants. Come on Margate, look towards your real heritage. It's all there under the plastic.