Friday, April 27, 2007

Men Behaving Badly

A Story from The Times today that you might like to comment on:

"Blogs typically do not add to the available stock of commentary: they are purely parasitic on the stories and opinions that traditional media provide.”

'In The Guardian, Jonathan Freedland pointed out that the abusive, vitriolic nature of many blogs had turned the blogosphere into a “claustrophobic environment, appealing chiefly to a certain kind of aggressive, point-scoring male — and utterly off-putting to everyone else”. Freedland’s crucial point is that the anonymity made possible by web protocols is at fault. People find it easy to behave badly if nobody knows who they are.'

Ed: So is Freedland right? Do people find it easy to behave badly if nobody knows who they are?


Anonymous said...

Yes I do think many people behave badly if no one knows who they are - or even if they know that the police won't do anything to find out who they are and coudn't care less anyway - and this does not apply only to blogs.
To illustrate this I have had two small occurrences this week - one a woman dogwalker in her late 60's early 70's who wouldn't clean up after her dog and told me to f off and she and her dog could do what they wanted to as no one would do anything about it - and a 20 year old male driver who pulls up outside my neighbour every morning this week and honks his car horn at 5.45 am rather than walk up to his friends front door to ring the door bell.
Of course he is identifiable from his reg number but would the Police be interested in this antisocial behaviour which also a breach of traffic law?
Its not even worth a phone call to the police is it?
So its sympotmatic of our society but thanks to your moderation of thi site it remains a pleasant place to come.
I have abandoned many other sites where there is invective and bad language but keep coming back here.
Yes I stay anonymous, I don't want any crazies to identify me, even though I think I have pretty moderate views who knows what violent person make take offence and try to extract revenge?

Anonymous said...

Excuse me Dr Moores but one of your named commentators called me a 'sad moron' last week. And your Tory leader allegedly openly called the Mayor of Margate a ****ing t***er at a council do recently, and threatened another Labour councillor.

I've never seen anything like that sort of aggressive attitude on the anonymous blogs around here. You're barking up the wrong tree.

DrMoores said...

You'll also note that I remove offensive personal comments when I find them.

I have to assume that you don't read many other local weblogs then. I'm not quite sure what an altercation between the Mayor Margate and the Leader of the Council has to do with me or this weblog though?

worm said...

Of course it is easier to behave badly if you are anonymous. Stating the obvious surely. But the positive side of blogs; that is the disemination of local information and opinion far outway the negatives. People who are rude and abusive are just sad. I meet them every day of the week and abuse usually comes from a lack of vocabulary and imagination.

Anonymous said...

12.15, as a reader of and contributor to Thanetlife, you have to admit that this is a well run 'blog' and the occasional personal comment may well slip past the Ed; he has a living to make in between running Thanetlife. He does, however, sweep up behind those who overstep the mark when he can. On the issue of the reported fracas amongst the 'notables' at TDC, surely you can appreciate that since Simon Moores has put himself forward as a prospective Councillor, he has been deliberately avoiding personal commentary on local issues. You might also have noted a press report but not on Thanetlife, about Cllr Doug Clarks collapse at a Council meeting a week last Thursday. I quote " Thanet Blogger Simon Moores was on hand to give first-aid until paramedics arrived". Modesty and his present Editorial approach clearly in evidence here?

So what am I getting at? I suppose its really that you need to give credit where credit is due and not let a political outlook blind you to reality.

DrMoores said...

Thank you for that comment of support and all credit to Cllr Jack Cohen for his help with the ailing Doug Clarke but before I'm pilloried elesewhere for practising first aid or even medicine without a license, I should add that I took time off several years ago to train as an EMT at the Stoke Royal Infirmary and did my needles and tubes" paramedic internship in the busy casualty unit at St Georges hospital in Tooting. It comes in useful at the occasional council meeting!

Anonymous said...

Have just realised the arrogance in the opening paragraph of the quote in your post. "Blogs are parasitic etc..." So we ever so humble types sitting in our homes tapping keys are somehow second rate to the 'professional hacks' employed on TV and in the press? Comment by bloggers is thus ignorant and just regurgitated spouting? I find such an attitude typical of a so called arrogant elite who are perhaps worried that bloggers can hold opinions, express themselves clearly and cogently and can bring reasoned argument and fresh perspectives to debate and discuss issues. It seems that the 'professionals' do not like amateurs in any field and more so when they might actually do a better job!