Monday, April 16, 2007

Margate's Big Event - 16th & 17th June

Plans for Kent’s leading air and land festival have been announced, with the Red Arrows, Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, live bands, including Abba Magic, and street entertainers just some of the highlights.

Margate’s Big Event will take place on the clifftops at Palm Bay over Father’s Day weekend, with non stop live entertainment planned on the ground between 10am and 10pm on Saturday 16 June and 10.30am and 6pm on Sunday 17 June. The event will be free of charge and is being organised by Thanet District Council.

Each day will have an hour and a half of flying displays, with the RAF Falcons and Tigers parachute teams dropping into the main arena, with appearances from a Hawk, the historic Stearman aircraft and the Tucano and Tutor planes, both of which are used for training by the RAF. The Aerostars and a SUKHOI flown by Will Curtis, one of the leading solo aerobatic pilots on the circuit, complete the aerial line up.

On the ground, arena acts will range from Jason Smyth, the only quad bike stunt rider in the UK, to the Solent Eagles Motorcycle Display Team and from John Evans, international strong man, and Chinese Acrobats, to Cyril the Squirrel and his racing terriers and a vulture and eagle show by Eagle Heights.

Both days will have live music, with appearances by Hulaballo, Rubber Biscuit, Ronnie Scott Rejects, Pulse and Umbrella Men. Saturday’s entertainment will finish with an Abba tribute concert, followed by a spectacular fireworks finale.

Other acts entertaining the crowds over the two days include trapeze artists, clowns, puppeteers, stilt walkers, acrobats, magicians and even a pair of resident robots, many of which are appearing in Thanet for the first time.

Corporate Director John Bunnett said: “Margate’s Big Event will have something for the whole family, with two days packed full of free entertainment, both on the ground and in the air. This will be Kent’s leading air and land festival and an unmissable day out. It’s the only place in Kent that people will be able to enjoy such a huge variety of entertainment in one place. Where else can you find the Red Arrows, parachute display teams, some of the best live bands in the area, along with trapeze and stilt artists and quad bike stunt riders and acrobats?”

Entry to Margate’s Big Event will be free of charge, with on site parking costing £3 for each day. The Thanet Loop bus service runs to the Old Charles Pub on Northdown Road, just 10 minutes walk from the site and a free open top shuttle bus will be running every 30 minutes between Margate station and the site.


Anonymous said...

I will now warn my parents-in-law who are just two of many elderly residents in Princess Margret Avenue who are now going to have their whole week-end blighted by noise, people throwing-up and throwing rubbish in their garden,parking restrictions so they cannot have visitors etc etc. They will be 'overjoyed' with the Abba type noise booming into their bedroom untill 10pm (they go to bed at 8.30)!

I have no objections to a great free fun day, but the ideal location is Manston Airport. Time for in-laws to consider a legal injunction against this most unsuitable of locations!

Anonymous said...

Well, let's not let the routine of two pensioners be interrupted by the obvious enjoyment of 1,000's. Let's not worry about the revenue this event will long as these two can go to bed at 8.30pm and get a good nights' sleep. How selfish !

Anonymous said...

How facetious 5:56pm!
My in-laws are entitled by law to 'quiet enjoyment of their property'. The 'event area' is surrounded by residential property within a few hundred yards and TDC wish to allow an excessive noise nuisance until 10pm at night.This will cleary infringe their rights, enshrined in law. The fact that visitors may be attracted to the town to contribute to a £3 parking charge as the 'event' is free is irrelevant. Whether it is one's neighbour playing music too loudly late into the night or a band playing to 1,000s, the fact remains that it is a noise nuisance; numbers involved are irrelevant to the issue.

It is in the wrong place for such an event. Let me know where you live and I will come and seal off your road for a week-end; prevent your visitors parking outside your house and subject you to 10 hrs of constant noise,and then arrive with a sound system on wheels ( a mate's car) and play ABBA at top volume outside your windows for 3hrs until 10pm. Would this not offend you and disturb you? So your argument boils down to numbers, not the principle?

Anonymous said...

You like your Mother in Law!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Get a life 5.00pm.
This happens once a year, and I'm sorry your parents-in-law like to go to bed at 8.30, they obviously can't face staying up until 10. You are quite welcome to come and sit outside my home and play loud music, even Abba music, problem is, there is no parking and the neighbours would quite probably drown your music out with theirs. Sometimes you have to live and let live.......unlike your parents-in-law or, obviously, yourself. As I said, GET A LIFE MATE.

DrMoores said...

Please remember the polite society etiquette that we fight so hard to maintain on this weblog. "CAPS" = shouting and while it can be hard at times, do try and avoid personal comments.

Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

So Anon of 6.35, you fail to answer the points put earlier and can only resort to "Get a Life"; a meaningless term that I suspect you are using in an offensive manner; so be it! If that is the sum of your justification then there is no point in further discussion .

James Maskell said...

This is pretty good news. I know some older residents wont enjoy the noise and I understand completely, but Thanet needs major events to give something back to the people. The vast majority will support this and Im sure itll be a success.

Anonymous said...

James, 'needs major events to give back something to the people'? Sounds as if TDC ,under its Conservative ruling party,are using a trick borrowed from the Emperors of Rome to keep the plebs and the mob happy and to boost their poularity; give them a 'show' in the Collisseum or in this case, Palm Bay! With local elections looming do we here the faint echo of "those who are about to lose, salute....." ?

chris wells said...

I appreciate that for some this event is unwelcome. The same message permeates from residents in Carlton Avenue Broadstairs during Folk Week, and some sea front residents during firework nights.

In the end, if you buy a property near to a sea fromt location there will always be the risk of touriat related activities. I say to the residents in Broadstairs, Folk |Week is one week, enjoy the other 51; fireworks are 4 or 5 evenings a year, enjoy the other 360 or so.

This is one weekend. I appreciate there will be disruption and extra noise. I apologise for the inconvenience but do not apologise for the event which is much needed to revitlise the tourist and holiday economy.

Anonymous said...

Yep, that just about says it how it is Chris Wells. You cannot please all of the people all of the time and 5.00pm's arguement that his parents-in-law go to bed at 8.30 is childish. Does he/she honestly expect the whole show to be relocated on the strength of the disruption until 10pm ? We all have to live together, crowded into terraces etc. Let's try and 'give' a little.

James Maskell said...

Bearing in mind the Air Show has been at Palm Bay the last two years, its hard to accept this as a one off, get the vote in event...

Mr Friday said...

Chris makes a good point though.

I live in Broadstairs - fairly close to St Georges school and, on a warm summer's night a few years ago, had to experience the blood curdling "music" of Westlife coming loud and clear through my open windows as well as people parking all over the place.

Even though they clearly aren't my preferred taste in music you need to take a broader view and think about the thousands of people these events attract who were clearly having a good time.

I'm sorry, but if someone's bedtime is delayed by a couple of hours by an event that attracts people to the area it is very much a price worth paying.

You can't please all the people all the time !