Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Long Walk

Why not book a walk with experienced leaders for the Thanet Walking Festival which is taking place from 6th - 12th May?

This year there is a fantastic choice so you can select either long or shorter walks each day. For the country walker there is a gentle terrain and splendid views and by using the public footpath network you get to enjoy the fresh air and the varied environment at firsthand. Look forward to a day of relaxing walking and socialising with lunch stops in villages along the way.

The Thanet Walking Festival is now in its fifth year and brings together in one week the most popular Thanet walks from the White Cliffs Ramblers Association regular walking programme, 'Walk & Talk' health walks and the special interest town walks provided by local civic and historical societies.

Thanet is 'on the move' ! Come and join us.

Details of all the walks on offer and booking information can be found at

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Tony Beachcomber said...

When reaching the Tudor House, do take the trouble to look at the terrible job TDC have done in fitting grills on the windows, the woodwork of this grade 1 listed building has been damaged. Infact, just take a good look at the neglect and form your own opinion.
There has been so much focus on the Turner center, that little gems like the tudor house have been forgotten.