Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Little Magic

And today's popular conspiracy theory is that I have used my 'influence' to have the motorcycle or scooter rally moved away from Westbrook. Next week I'm using this magic power to have the troops withdrawn from Iraq and Dreamland turned-back into a thriving funfair, both in time for the weekend!

Reader Dick Osborne points out that there may be two, two wheel rallies happening between now and Bank Holiday, so wires may have been crossed. Here's the advertisment for one of them anyway.

Meanwhile, I'm toying with the idea of delivering a personal aerial message to Tony Blair on the day he resigns. With 32 characters - including spaces - available because of drag limitations, what should it be I wonder? Perhaps I should put it up as a one-time offer on eBay?


Dane Valley Ted said...

Well !!!!!
I must say that I would really like 200 fit birds on scooters rather than 200 male hairy bikers.
I find it surprising that all the scooter girl's boy-friends allow them to come to a place with Thanet's reputation.

Norah Batty said...

How about....
"Which bin does this rubbish go in ?"
"Soaked in the blood of thousands"

Anonymous said...

Is there enough room for a camp-site for hundreds down at Westbrook?

Caption for banner:

" Bye, Gordon. Good luck with the mess we've left behind" Tony