Sunday, April 15, 2007

Less Energy More Cash

I love the story doing the rounds in the Sunday papers today, that "Energy" inspectors brought in for the new property sales packs will not be regulated with criminal record checks - sparking fears that homeowners will be at risk from potential burglars.

Instead, the assessors will have to be asked to voluntarily give details of their criminal past under what has been described as a "Burglars' Charter'.

On entering the house, the story goes, the assessor should, "Remove himself from the homeowner to get on with light-bulb counting." I'll leave you to imagine the rest.

Even better, for the inspector, if he or she works really hard counting lightbulbs in our houses, the rewards could add-up to as much as £50,000 a year.

I wonder how one applies for the job? You have to attend a 'familiarisation day,' first though, which cost £149. Good value if there's a well-paid job at the end.

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Anonymous said...

If ever there was a case for mass civil disobedience by every-one involved in house-sales, this ridiculous legislation cries out for it. No-one seems to want this nonsense except a junior Labour minister who needs to justify her non-job.