Thursday, April 26, 2007

Guns Blazing

Another day in Dodge City, Birchington when armed police officers arrested a suspect in with guns drawn.

The incident happened on Wednesday afternoon in Station Road, when unmarked police cars stopped a silver Citroen Saxo.

Armed officers in plainclothes reportedly pulled a man out of the car and forced him to the path. He was held on the ground with guns including a rifle pointing at him. He was bundled into a car and taken away. He was dressed quite respectably."

The arrest was made by Kent Police's armed division on behalf of Sussex Police.

Ed: Was this the KFC chicken dippers bandit or someone more dangerous I wonder


Oscar said...

If you think that's wasting your time, just wait until you're a local councillor (if elected that is). With that sort of attitude to Ken's concerns I'm not sure you're really suited?

Anonymous said...

What on earth doe your comment mean, Oscar? What is wasting the Ed's time? Do you mean Ken's or Kent's concerns? This isn't the newt business still, is it? Lost me I'm afraid?

Anonymous said...

Newt ... Newt??? Did somebody see a newt? ... TINY!! .... TINY!! ... Tineeee!