Friday, April 13, 2007

Going in Circles

I see that the local paper is warning about the danger from jetskis this summer and you may remember, I have done the same, several times on Thanet Life and even took the matter up with the foreshore warden last year.

I was out jogging along the promenade at St Mildred's Bay at high tide yesterday. I watched three of these craft run in from Margate along the shore line at high speed, pausing briefly as one rider fell of after driving in tight circles within a few feet of the beach at West Bay and then roaring off towards Birchington.

The council's view is that self regulation works and I'm sure it does in the majority of cases but it takes only one idiot to hit a bather or lose control in the summer months and each year, I see the behaviour becoming more reckless and dangerous.

This summer, if local people choose to elect me as a councillor, I'm going to look into the matter more closely. Lifeguards have told me that they are concerned and nobody listens and so I believe we need to be far more proactive and conscious over a growing problem and risk to bathers before a tragedy occurs.


Anonymous said...

Obviously I can't say this with any certainty but I believe the problem is mostly with jetskiers from outside Thanet, they seem to disappear at the end of the day up towards Medway/London direction.
So yes lets do something about it before there ius a fatal accident. They are all towed by cars so should be identifiable from car registration numbers if by no other means.
A bit of video evidence would be easy to obtain and pretty undeniable.

DrMoores said...

Good point, you see loads of them coming down the coast road being towed behind vans and cars on any good summers day.

The strategy seems to be, find a bay and launch. I had a sign put upat St Mildred's last year to try and deter them launching from there but they can cover the distance between Minnis and Palm Bay in a couple of minutes at top speed.

Anonymous said...

Get onto Thanet Police, sorry its Canterbury now, via Maidstone of course, and ask them if a nice constable on his jetski can do a patrol or two down here. There was an announcement last year that Kent Police had them at Herne Bay?