Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Get Safe Online

A week ago, at the e-crime congress, MK Ibrahim from the Nigerian FSA, was one of our keynote speakers on what's called Nigerian fraud, '419' or advanced fee scams.

Last night, I noticed that one of our local clergy had fallen victim to one of these and I'm astounded that anyone, however genuine, could be so naive. If a man came up to you in street and said he was an African vicar and could he have £12,000 please, would you write out a cheque?

The Reverend Robert Nooney, says he has been conned out of £12,000 by a man he met in a Christian chatroom who claimed to be a trainee pastor from Nigeria.

The Reverend Robert Nooney planned to set up a multi-faith church and soup kitchen in Thanet.

After discussing it in a chatroom, a man called David said he would fund the project from his £7.5m inheritance if Mr Nooney helped him with legal costs.

But after paying £12,000 he said the money he was promised never arrived.

Mr Nooney said he sent £1,200 from his savings, £1,800 he raised on credit cards and £9,000 he took out in bank loans.

You can find the complete story above but given that the whole ecrime reporting procedure is a mess, I won't go into details - 'listen to the BBC Money box programme on the subject here' - If you come across something that looks dodgy, you can always ask me for an opinion and who you should contact but a good first port of call is a visit to now run by my good friend and ex-NHTCU officer, Tony Neate.


419Eater said...

The best thing to happen to a Nigerian scammer, Taken from Youtube this explains it all:

DrMoores said...

Thank you. I wrote about 419 eater either on this weblog or another in the past. I'll attach the photo.

Tony Beachcomber said...

On who are legitimate British coin bullion dealers, they list the frauds and scams they receive. Some of them are realy laughable.

Anonymous said...

As a good Christian,I hope the Rev Robert Nooney accepts that his 'false' Nigerian trainee pastor obviously had greater need of £12,000 than he did. What did Our Lord say about the folly of storing riches on Earth? Not only doth rust consume but Nigerian con men will take it?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like another mugged Liberal in the making. Sad that someone can be so trusting and be taken advantage of, but some of the West African fraudsters are cunning in the extreme. However it's usually the greedy that get targeted. This one I find rather disturbing.

These chaps have some fun at the expense of the crooks....

Anonymous said...

Hi I am Rev. Robert Nooney. I am the clergyman who was conned out of this money. Let me first say that I was not rich before this happned Only £2,000 pounds of the £12,000 was my own money. The rest was made of of bank loans and credit cards. I agree I was very nieve and stupid but I did not do it for greed. It was my hope to do some good. Although it cost me dearly, on so many levels, I did learn a great deal about the world and myself. And as for the commment about the 'false' pastor obviously having a greater need of £12,000 than I did. Well thats a joke. I will say nothing more except that I am now moving on with my live. I am geting things back on track and no longer see people as I once did. Peace and God Bless