Friday, April 13, 2007

Fifty Years Past

Another nice photo from Tony Ovenden's collection, showing Westbay in Westgate in the 1950's.

I'm loading these up into the photo archive if you would like to see more.


sue said...

These old pics are wonderful. I wonder if you have access to one of the stacks in the sea at, is it Birchington? Taken before the army blew them up.

DrMoores said...

Do you mean the "Red Sands" tower? I don't have a photo although I remember it well. I wonder if anyone else does?

There was a tragic wartime accident involving it, when during gunnery practise, an anti-aircraft shell failed to explode, skipped along the top of the waves and into Westgate, killing a young apprentice in one of the workshops behind what is now the Post Office.

Tony Beachcomber said...


Yes, are if you are referring to the chalk stacks, I have seen it is a gem it is in the Sumbeam collection in the Margate Museum. I did a copy for the nott restuarant,
In the sumbeam collection there are pics of the Bichington coast incluiding 1930,s minnis bay. They are in three catergories, 1939,1949 and 1959. I will see bob , and draw them out.

sue said...

Great! Thank you Tony.