Sunday, April 22, 2007

Seeing Ghosts

Just adding to the earlier story on the risk of electoral fraud on May 3rd, The Sunday Times reports:

"More than 1m “ghost” voters have been uncovered who threaten to undermine the result of next month’s local council elections.

An analysis by Britain’s electoral watchdog has estimated that there are at least 1m and possibly up to 3.5m people whose names appear on the electoral roll even though they are ineligible to vote.

The disclosure will fuel concerns over the extent of electoral fraud, which critics claim the government has down-played in order to extend postal voting, which benefits Labour candidates.

The names include illegal immigrants, bogus voters, foreign residents and those who are registered at more than one address. Officials fear that in marginal areas, election results could be affected by abuse of “ghost” votes."

Ed: Anyone seen any ghosts around here recently?


Anonymous said...

Despite the examples we have had of postal fraud why does a Labour Grabamint persist in Postal Votes? Turnout of course; low turnout is historically bad for Labour and anything, even if wide open to abuse, to increase voting, has to be used. People not voting is an easier way of 'spoiling a ballot paper' than turning up to do it. How many Thanet voters are to be sent postal votes?

Anonymous said...

This could be a case for the newly formed


The Thanet Bureau of Investigation

They have a new website which is still under construction but the front page is viewable at

It looks like a good idea to me