Monday, April 16, 2007

The Day the War Broke Out

Minnis Bay, reportedly on the day the Second World War started, or at least very close, in the heatwave of the "phony war" after Germany invaded Poland in 1939.

Back in Thanet however, the great Easter heatwave of 2007 continues and this weblog is overheating too with 1,240 impressions which indicative of an unusual level of activity. The stats software appears to be behind at the moment so I can't immediately tell why Thanet Life is so busy, however, the web address is on the local election material being distributed today, so that may part explain any increase in traffic.

Incidentally, was anyone around the day that the church spire in Westgate was shot-off by a passing German later in the War? It was probably the same aircraft likely from from JG26 at Abbeville, that strafed the length of Westgate Bay Ave.

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Where's me Washboard said...

Not sure about that but I like this story from the People's War regarding Palm Bay. Absolutely hilarious: